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Re: Who doesn't need a free phone? Refer a Friend Sweepstakes!


Re: Who doesn't need a free phone? Refer a Friend Sweepstakes!

Just beware! Sprint does not do free upgrades. If you want to upgrade you will have to keep paying huge fees to do it. 19 year customer here. I upgraded once 2 years ago and tried again this year. They say I can, but their version of upgrade is 100 bucks off a 1000 dollar phone. Look for someone who might do upgrades!


Based on your response, you are not entering the sweepstakes, so I've moved your post to a more appropriate area where you can get assistance if needed. If you would like to enter the sweepstakes to win a new phone please feel free to read the  Sprint Community Refer a Friend Sweepstakes Official Rules and Guidelines for all the details to refer your friend, if you have other issues please respond here to get assistance.

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