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Unacceptable Customer Service (Google Pixel 2 XL Activation)


Unacceptable Customer Service (Google Pixel 2 XL Activation)

Writing in the hopes that I can escalate this with management at Sprint.


I have a fully unlocked Google Pixel 2 XL that was formerly being used with Project Fi that I am trying to activate on the Sprint network. From my understanding, Sprint is a MVNO for Project Fi. I've been caught in a loop with customer service and have not gotten anywhere in regards to activating my phone. From what I've gathered, the phone is classified as a pre-paid device so when customer service attempts to activate it, they receive a error that the phone isn't compatible with Sprint's network, this is obviously not the case as the phone is fully unlocked and capable.


I've messaged multiple customer representatives on the forum and had a ticket created with technical support which was apparently closed over the weekend and marked as unresolved. I need this handled in a proper manner and it seems only management can assist me with this as each department I speak to points me in another direction.

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Re: Unacceptable Customer Service (Google Pixel 2 XL Activation)


Hi! Thank you for bringing this situation to us, I saw you've sent us a private message, I will be replying to you shortly.

Sprint Social Care

Re: Unacceptable Customer Service (Google Pixel 2 XL Activation)

This issue has been resolved, not by Sprint but by a 3rd party who has access to Sprint's database.


For anyone who may come across this thread via search engine and is in the same predicament that I was, the IMEI needs to be flipped and all database flags removed before it can be properly activated on Sprint's network. Chat technicians and technical support are incapable of identifying this problem let alone performing the necessary steps needed unless you specifically mention it needs to be done. If a manager reads this, I suggest adding "database flags" as mandatory training criteria for your technicians.


In hindsight, I've been dealing with Sprint for 5 days on this issue. All of which could have been resolved in 5 minutes by a knowledgeable technician.




Re: Unacceptable Customer Service (Google Pixel 2 XL Activation)

for what its worth chat agents and call in agents do not have the power to get this to happen..they must kick you off to a different department to get that ball rolling..the agents in here do however have that power to get the ball rolling and to the correct department as long as they have all criteria met.
I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

Re: Unacceptable Customer Service (Google Pixel 2 XL Activation)

and I understand that process completely, I've been a customer with Sprint since 2001. Technical Support stateside (1(888)211-4727) should have been able to help me entirely but I was given the dismissive "some phones are CDMA and GSM" speech by a stateside technician, there is some severe incompetency in that. Keep in mind this was after the fact that I gave the technician a plethora of data that he/she could have used to troubleshoot this efficiently. Mentioning Project Fi, Sprint MVNO's, PREPAID and PREPAY database flags etc. ALL of which a knowledgeable technician would have used to identify the problem and properly escalate it if it were out of their scope.

On a separate note, I had a conversation with an overseas supervisor whom began to explain how he was a Sprint team member for 10 years and that my phone was a lost cause and incompatible with the Sprint network. Finally he agreed to transfer me to stateside Technical Support, but not before the call was disconnected mid transfer. I call back, instantly transferred to customer retention, found that hilarious.

The whole problem here is, that maybe 1% of Sprint customers will use this message board as an avenue for support. How are we supposed to get the service we so desperately need? In my opinion, this goes way beyond management and needs to be considered by company stakeholders.
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Re: Unacceptable Customer Service (Google Pixel 2 XL Activation)

I can completely understand your frustration. I agree this should have been handled more effectively. As a call center rep that talks to customers that call in for tech support,  an agent that replies here, and Social Media. I can say this is something that we would expected to handle, we have a very solid process in place for Bring Your Own Device, the hold up I would most often see is when a phone is still active on the previous carrier, or an unacceptable model. Often the process can take up to 72 hours, has details about phones that I would expect to add to our system at this time. Was your account setup before your contact with us that didn't go as planned?

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