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Wrong information provided by sprint.


Wrong information provided by sprint.


I was a customer with T-Mobile 3 lines of postpaid connections and no contract at all. Also we were using OnePlus 3, the latest unlocked device.


On September 9 2016 there was a promotional desk setup in Dell EMC office area for getting other service providers migrated to Sprint Service with BOGO offer and NO CONTRACT as the core promotion plan. There in I met Mr. Gerard Planas, Store Manager, Sprint Nexgen Wireless, 130 Cedar St, Milford, MA 01757.


He explained me that there is strictly NO CONTRACT and a BOGO offer on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge devices and plus you get 200$ gift card as referral. We updated him that we do not stay very long in USA and cannot have any contract, as we keep traveling to different continents and cannot have any contract type of plan with any service provider even if the phone is given for free but can only take postpaid connections and stop it whenever required. He explicitly stated that there is NO CONTRACT of any kind, it’s a clear BOGO offer with NO CONTRACT. HE explained further that you have to pay 31.25$ every month for 1 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the other one comes for free. It was explained that you have to stay with Sprint connection for at least 60 day to pay off balance amount i.e. 750- (31.25*2) and then you get the phone unlocked and own both phones and can discontinue one or all lines as needed. This discussion happened for 1 hours to clarify all doubts where in it was never a word of any contract.

Also when we asked for International calling plan it was updated that 15$ for all lines. We said we need have line of T-mobile and Mr. Gerard Planas said for 3 lines it will be 45$ per month plan and 15$ for international calling for all lines. With BOGO for 4 lines you have to pay 5$ extra i.e. 50$ monthly.

Further He said that the BOGO offer and NO CONTRACT is because usually service providers pay benefit(100’s of $) to get customer migrated but here Sprint is not paying anything so its pure BOGO offer and NO CONTRACT.

On September 12 2016 my friend Dinesh Vishvakarma went to Sprint Nexgen Wireless to understand and clarify the same thing again and the above was explained again to him “BOGO offer and NO CONTRACT” at the store by Mr. Gerard Planas.

On September 13 2016 I went to Sprint Nexgen Wireless had the same discussion again and also Mr. Gerard Planas showed at the paper saying NO CONTRACT, To start off the migration from T-mobile I explained that we need 3 lines and 3 phones only as I have 3 lines from T-mobile. Mr. Gerard Planas (refer as HE thereafter) explained that for 2 lines you can get BOGO and but 3rd line you will have to pay full amount. As this did not make sense, he said you can add 1 more line that will cost you 5$ extra and you can use that like for few months and then discontinue it, you will be revered back to 45$ plan and you get the phone for free.

After understanding all this from him I took 4 lines for 50$ per month with BOGO offer that is 1 free Samsung between 2 lines. I got my 3 lines migrated from T-mobile to Sprint plus a lines added, got 4 phones (BOGO) after a wait for 2 hours as the 4th phone was not available and had to brought from another store. Paid tax for 4 phones 187.5 as he said that phone is free but you have to pay tax. The issue happened was with international calling, he called someone to confirm that 15$ was for each line and not for all lines. But he stated that we will compensate for that by giving 125$ for 6 month as a promotion from his side will continue till 2 year i.e. I will get 500$ in 2 years. Went home happily with 4 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge devices. Later sold off all my OnePlus 3 with a loss of 100$ on each phone.

For more clarification on tax I had to pay, unlocking the phone and when can I discontinue 1 lines I had a chat with Sprint online. Will put a brief of it down:

You: HI
You: I have taken 4 lines
You: BOGO offer S7 Edge
Liz: What questions can I answer for you?
You: I have taken 50$ plan for 4 lines with 2 phones 31.25
You: that is 50$ + 31.25 + 31.25
You: now if i want to stop 1 lines
You: is that allowed
You: will my monthly bill change
You: ?
Liz: You can suspend the line for few months.
You: means ?
You: for how many months
You: cant i discontinue it completely
You: ?
Liz: May I ask if you asked for the option at store as online it is not possible?
You: no
You: i did not
You: i forgot
You: can you guide me on that
You: but before unlock i have to pay in full tight ??
You: right ??
Liz: Yes, you are absolutely correct you must own the phone.
You: ok
You: after 60 days
You: when uts paid
You: its paid
You: and then i want stop 1 account
You: will my monthly bill change
Liz: Yes, then you can stop it.
You: 1 account stopped
You: ill my monthly bill change
Liz: Yes, you are absolutely correct.
You: what will be my monthly bill
You: now its 50$ for 4 account
You: what will it be for 3 account
Liz: Let me check that for you.
Liz: For three lines your monthly cost on the data plan would be $45/month.
You: ook
You: thats all


I decided that I will pay off the phone amount so that I don’t have my credit card heavily billed at the end when I have to leave and will have some time to pay my credit card bills.
I spoke to Mr. Gerard Planas on the phone about this, we said come to the store and will get this done for you.
On December 16 2016, I went to the Sprint Nexgen Wireless store. Mr. Gerard Planas was not there, we called him he said one of my representative will take care. When we spoke to the representative he said we can pay off but you will still get credit for 2 lines, I did not understand that, further discussion about getting the line discontinued he said can’t discontinue any lines as they are in contract for 24 months. I was shocked. I told him the whole conversation of September, to which he said then you need to talk to Mr. Gerard Planas. Then Mr. Gerard Planas arrived. HE spoke to him about this, he agreed that there is NO CONTRACT. He called the Sprint helpline to check more on it on how to pay off and all. After multiple calls he said it seems to be a contract. I asked him about this details he gave me in September in DELL EMC office. He did agree with it that Sprint also mentions that NO CONTRACT but now this also looks to him line a contract. He said Sprint helpline is telling that to discontinue is have to pay even for free phones. I told him that how that make BOGO and NO CONTRACT. I explained we got the phone for 800$ approx. that too locked, at that time same unlocked phone was 600$ on Amazon. I paid 200$ more as I was getting 1 phone free and I was migrating to Sprint that is a Sprint benefit and there was no other benefit given part from a free phone. So I thought for that reason (migrating to Sprint that is a Sprint benefit) I am getting 1 phone free. I felt cheated. I also explained that I was here today to pay off the balance amount for the phone and get it unlocked. I looked at that paper which I signed on the heading it says “NO CONTRACT”. He said he will talk to a higher authorities in SPRINT on this and resolve this issue.

I am requesting Sprint to keep its word of NO CONTRACT and BOGO offer and what I was explained and as the paper which we signed on the heading it says “NO CONTRACT. I would pay for 2 phones as stated and will need to discontinue lines whenever needed and should not be billed further. Please look into this further, Also i will be making a formal complaint to DELL EMC office regarding sprint giving false information so no other folks get affected.

Please look into this ASAP.


Hey Julie2763, we would like to see what we can do. Please check your inbox and reply to the private message that I just sent you.

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