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A really Simple Question!


A really Simple Question!

My husband has the Hero phone and he can take any song he has and turn it into a ringer on his phone. He downloaded a free app to do it. Can I do this on my pixi? If so, how? I think this app is so neat...I can't find anything like it to do this on my phone. I am confused and really stumped...HELP please/


Re: A really Simple Question!

No apps are needed on the Palm WebOS devices. All you have to do is put the file you  want to use in the "ringtones" folder on the USB portion of the device.

1. Plug your device into your computer using the USB cble provided with the device.

2. On the device choose "USB Drive".

3. Within a few seconds usually (depends on the speed of your computer) the drivers should install and a new drive will appear under "My Computer" ("Computer" on Windows Vista and Windows 7).

4. Open up that drive and there should be a folder called "ringtones", copy whatever file you want to use into that folder.

5. Choose the ringtone you want to use on the device itself, it will appear in your list of available ringtones.


Re: A really Simple Question!

1. you need to copy music to your pixi - usb cord - just drag and drop the songs onto your phone which shows up in MY COMPUTER like a thumb drive or any other storage devise.

2. once music is on your phone, go to any contact in your list and click on EDIT, SET A RING TONE

3. when the ring tone list comes up, tap on the lower left side "+" symbol.  ANY music in your phone will come up on a list and you tap on the song.  You can listen to the song first by tapping the little arrow on the right.  If you tap on the album cover or that bar (just not the little arrow) that shong is chosen as your ringer.

NOTE:  all songs added as ringers are are available for other apps, like the alarm clock.  You can also add ringers through the alarm screen just as above, just tap on the + sign.

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