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Anyone else's Hardware buttons and features stopped responding?


Anyone else's Hardware buttons and features stopped responding?

I got my pre on Launch day and couldn't have been happier with it. With every successive update, it only  got better and better. Till maybe the last one? I haven't really had a reason to turn it off or hit the volume up button (I have a hearing problem so I turned it up and left it up ever since i got it). Now my Volume up button, Power button and Camera flash no longer respond.

I would say  its a hardware issue except for the fact that I managed to turn the volume of the ringer and phone back up in the sounds app from launcher and the volume on calls is fine as is the volume on the ringer, but I still no longer get any audio in the you tube apps or pandora (as if the volume is all the way down). When I use the camera the flash wont come on wether I put it on "Auto" or "On". When I try to power the pre off the power button doesn't work and my battery life has gone back down to the original 12 hours I used to get when I first got it (with GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi off.)  When I charge it, It goes from the low battery symbol to the USB symbol and stays that way even after removing the USB cord. I have to reseat the battery to get the pre to turn on.

I haven't dropped it, theres been no physical abuse to it and I have been using the the palm leather case since day one. I haven't rooted it or installed any unofficial apps. I tried to download Webos Doctor from the palm website but I keep getting errors from the download page even though my javas up to date.

Am I the only one experiencing this?

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