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Battery Life!! I'm Worried


Re: Battery Life!! I'm Worried

I totally agree. I followed all the tips: check for new emails every 15 minutes, turn off IM, turn on WiFi, turn off locator services (except when using Sprint Navigation or Google Maps, etc.) but still my phone doesn't make even through the work day (I'd be happy with 9-5) if I use it at all for a phone conversation, writing/responding to an email, etc. I really resent spending $299 for a phone with a very poorly made battery and being expected to bear the responsibility for a new, longer-lasting battery if I want decent talk time on my phone. I really hope Palm is going to work on this. I think they should have worked out a lot of these bugs prior to its release date. Already another company is offering Pre-compatible batteries with 50% more life and is working on a battery that will have twice the life of the factory installed battery.

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Re: Battery Life!! I'm Worried

Depending on your signal level and use you will need to charge between 4 and 8 hours.  If you're away from a charger for more than 6 to 8 hours at a time, this phone may not be the best one for you.  It's a high power draw device with a tiny battery - 1150mAh - about the same as a single AAA battery.

The Seido extended (2x) battery is out - I'm ordering one this weekend to see how it works, and how bad it looks.  They say it's only 4mm thicker; we'll see. . .

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