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CAN"T Press the NUMBER 1 KEY!!!!


CAN"T Press the NUMBER 1 KEY!!!!

I'm having some trouble that when I first initiate a call and I received and

automated call I'm unable to press 1.

Every time I try the screen darkens and it just wont let me but it easily
lets me press any other number that it is not number 1. This has become
very frustrating because for this to work I would have to hang up the call and
retry the number that I was calling in order to be able to press the number 1
in the call.

This is obviously a bug in the OS and I would like to know if there is
any one there that is receiving this error and if there is any FIX!!!!


Re: CAN"T Press the NUMBER 1 KEY!!!!

It has to do with the proximity sensor and the way you are approaching the screen with your hand. I've had it happen while sitting at my desk with a light on behind me, The sensor is up in the ear piece and when that gets "Shadowed/Covered" the screen darkens/turns off. Aproach the screen from the side and it won't do it.

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