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Calendar and Contacts update realtime but no Emails


Calendar and Contacts update realtime but no Emails

Wife and I both got Plam Pres one week ago. Her pre works 100%. Mine updates all the calendars and contacts but I can not send any emails. I only recieve emails after power cycleing the pre.

I have one Gmail account and one account that is on Google apps (same as my wife). I have done all the updates and have tried resetting the device and re setting every thing up, but nothing has worked.

Also it seems that at the end of the day my battery is down to 20% but my wifes is still up at 60%. She talks on her phone much more than I do and she is getting better battery life. Could my problems be a defective unit?




Wife's phone is scared to upset her LOL, try conditioning your battery. Run it down till it's critically low then charge it full. Do this a few times and see if that helps. Ps buy a second battery, and don't throw it on the charger when conditioning until it's really low like 5% or so.

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