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Calendar & time zone gets wacky


Calendar & time zone gets wacky

I work in some hospitals where I receive no signal at all. I ha a 2 hour meeting and wanted to add an appointment to my calendar. My phone is set to get time from the network however when I woke it up it was very disorientated. It said it was Jan 1 2004 and that I was in London time zone. Trying to change to the correct date on the calendar failed.

While I agree a road trip to London may be fun but I work outside of Chicago. I can'T AFFORD THE DEVICE TO NOT KEEP TIME OR AT LEAST KEEP ME FROM ADDING APPOINTMENTS!

Any one else see this behavor?


Jim Rendant

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Re: Calendar & time zone gets wacky

I had a similar issue. I live in Indianapolis but spent my vacation with my fiancee and her parents in Memphis. (Now, as a general rule, when I put an appointment in my calendar--all appointments are entered as local time.) Well once I got from EDT to CDT, the Pre adjusted all of my appointments for me. That meant that all of my appointments for when I get back were off as were the appointments that I had made for the time during the vacation. So say, the 10:00am appointment to meet with the priest at the parish where we'll get married--it got bumped to 9:00am. Not to mention "all day" events (like birthday notes, holidays, etc.) then got spread out of a two-day spread. Now the Pre undid all these changes once I got back in Indy, but it was a pain while in Memphis.

Palm should definitely give us the option of whether or not to automatically adjust the time zone and appointment times of events in our calendar. Will, has anyone reported this to Palm?

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