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Centro & SD card - on / off / on / off . . . .


Centro & SD card - on / off / on / off . . . .

I have a Centro I got about 2 weeks ago and a 2 gig micro SD that I bought at the Sprint store at the same time.  The phone will at random times start "booping" back and forth like I'm putting the card in & taking it out.  Thing is, the phone is in a hard plastic case (also purchased at Sprint store at the same time) that covers the SD port, so there's no way it's getting bumped (even if that was possible through the "door" for that slot).  The micro SD has never been used for anything else, and when I first put it in, I formatted it and haven't stored anything to it yet.


Anyone know whether this is something that

(a) I just need to learn to live with,

(b) means the card is bad, so I need to go trade that out for a new one, or

(c) means the phone is bad, so I need to back everything up & go trade it out?




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Re: Centro & SD card - on / off / on / off . . . .

Many folks have had this problem. There are hacks out there that purport to keep the card loaded. I don't have the links but if you search for them I'm sure you will find them.


Re: Centro & SD card - on / off / on / off . . . .

If CardKeeper (,75.html) doesn't help, then then you probably have a Centro with a bad SD slot.

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