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Centro lost text messages - how to recover?


Centro lost text messages - how to recover?

I have had my Palm Centro for about 3 years now.  This morning I turned my phone on  (I turn it off overnight), and set it down on my bed.  The phone turned on and decided to reboot itself.   After it finished rebooting, I received a text message from a friend.  When I went to view it, all of my text message history was gone from the phone.

I still have all my other data (contact info, emails, pictures, calendar), but all the text data (inbox, outbox, drafts, saved texts) have been cleared off my phone.  I never told it to purge this data, it did it on its own after rebooting by itself.

Has anybody else experienced this?  How can I recover those text messages - some of which were important ones from work.

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