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Clock - Alarms Randomly Resetting


Clock - Alarms Randomly Resetting

So even after the recent update I'm still having issues with the built in "Clock" alarm settings.

This morning I woke up to sunlight... I shouldn't ever wake up when the sun is up. Soooo when I was surprised to see the sun hitting my face I gracefully checked my alarm... they were reset to "Daily - 9:00AM" which I believe is the default when you make one.

I have a total of three alarms and they were all reset to this; again. So this program is now completely unreliable for me and can no longer use it.

And yes.. I checked and set them before going to bed and I awoke to find them reset... giggling at me because I now had to hurry my ass to work.


Re: Clock - Alarms Randomly Resetting

Bringing this thread back to life from the dead - My "Alarms" are still resetting every... single... day.

I'd use a different Alarm App if there was a decent free one out there; but there's not.

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