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Dear Palm, Sprint Execs and Developers... My Wish List


Dear Palm, Sprint Execs and Developers... My Wish List

Palm, Sprint Execs and Developers,

Okay, so I have had my phone for 2 days and have tried to access all features the phone can or CANNOT offer.I really want to keep this phone, HOWEVER, there are some glowing omissions that even the basics of phones have as features.

I am starting to feel like this is just ahalf-baked Instinct makeover. I had to return the Instinct because of its lack of email capability at launch, but it wasn't advertised as a PDA right?. So, my fault.

I have to say, I am a little disappointed with some of the "business capabilities" or lack thereof from Palm.I understand this is a new market but don't overlook what past or present Palm users liked the best about the older devices. I didn't need an "APP" for everythingwith my Palm, because it had all of the basic features I needed to work!I can overlook some of the "play" features that may not have been included at launch, but not basic email and text features.Were there any old school Palm or RIMheads in the R & D department while this phonewas being developed?

In a perfect world I would haveall of my wishes, in the following list, come true before my 30 day trial is up.


1) Sort by NAME anddate.Synergy huh? Whatadvantage do I have with allof my emails if I have to wade through 1000 of them to find1email from 1 contact(Glowing omission and a personaldeal breaker for me!)

2) Copy and paste in existing emails, not just when you reply or forward.


1) Forwarding (Geez! Do have I have to say glowing omission?)

2) Sort by name and date

4) Copy and paste



1)Scrolling in a drop-down menu that can't fit in one frame. (E.g..pera blogger on Pre-Central- go to,tap on the "select a movie" arrow. There is no way to scroll down the list!)

Despite some of my snide comments, I really do like the phone overall. There are some other minorannoyances, but I can adapt.I am not an expert in phone technology, but I really don't think I am notasking for much. Please make my wishes come true!

Your Loyal Palm Follower,


PS I need my wishes to come true by July 6, 2009 if at all possible :-)


Re: Dear Palm, Sprint Execs and Developers... My Wish List

Pardon my "glowing" error. I meant to say "glaring omission"



Re: Dear Palm, Sprint Execs and Developers... My Wish List

FYI, you can edit your posts. Click on the "Options" tab in the upper right corner of the message.


Re: Dear Palm, Sprint Execs and Developers... My Wish List

... I have to say, I am a little disappointed with some of the "business capabilities" or lack thereof from Palm....

Not for nothing, but you might want to blame the sprint rep for this. I believe there was actually a document leaked where they were supposed to weed the business users from the social network type users and direct them toward the Pro and not the pre.. Of course many of us were going to stop at nothing to get the pre because we waited so long for it... and it seemed like multitouch PDA because of the palm name. I personally was looking for the pro last november but by the time they got the launch right, the pre was already announced and I decided to forego some of the capabilities i was used to on my treo 700wx for something more ... uh sporty?

Just out of curiousity, what would you have done if they suggested the pro instead of the pre, after they asked you about your plans for the phone and its features?



Re: Dear Palm, Sprint Execs and Developers... My Wish List

I agree where were the previous palm developers when this phone was created. I had a Centro loved it but it didn't have Sprint Navigation. So I got the HTC Touch Pro, Windows phones suck. I have been anticipating the arrival of the Pre to trash my HTC. The Palm Pre reminds me of all the iphone hype about its so great but it lacks the elements that made Palm famous. Palm phones were alwasy so easy to use. I cannot for the life of my bring myself to buy a phone that doesn't record video. Palm was one of the first smartphones to have emoticons. No expandable memory. My favorite feature of the Centro was the ability to disable the touchscreen while on a call. These are some of the features that I noticed missing and I don't have the thing. I think Palm was trying to create a phone to match the iphone that they forgot what Palm was about. So I will still be waiting. There is a new Centro coming out later this year it's not as pretty as the Pre but hopefully it will have all of the pre Palm Pre features.


Re: Dear Palm, Sprint Execs and Developers... My Wish List

Right on target! Gonna add my two cents - some of which I have posted elsewhere. I will add also that I haven't got mine yet and if this mood continues I won't. I will not do a windows mobile OS, period. That means Blackberry for me will be the only option.

My disappointment is that the PRE came out half cocked. While it does excel in some areas, it lacks in many others. I have already heard complaints about battery life and the lack of what should be standard features for the phone.
Sprint and the world have billed this phone as an iphone killer. Everyone agrees it is direct competition to the iphone yet the PRE comes out at a higher price with less standard functions and less applications. Things that other lesser phones can do, this phone can't.
Initial areas of disappointment include:
The lack of notification control. SMS, MMS, Email all use one tone not changeable.
No ability to use mp3 as ringtone or notification alerts.
Lack of application availability. Ten apps in the app store. Most should be standard with the phone. I do not know if they are free apps or not.
Lack of battery life. There have been complaints that the battery won't last all day. Granted, first day users are doing much experiementing so that may not be valid.
Lack of SD card and minimal storage (8GB).
No video.
No voice control activation.
Lack of inventory in the stores and the inability to get the phone online or through business sales reps. I honestly believe that some people that couldn't get one in the initial release may easily talk themselves out of the phone based on the initial user reviews that will be popping up soon. Thats the short list I have heard so far.
I noticed some lag on the phone when selecting applications and changing screens. It is a usable phone, but not the flashy robust phone I expected from a company that is competing against the iphone.

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