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Do we contact Sprint or Palm if we are having a software issue?


Do we contact Sprint or Palm if we are having a software issue?

Eh, who do we contact for what type of problems with the phone?


Did you get it threw Sprint store? or say best buy? If you went with Sprint I would start there first personally, then if that isn't a a fix or they refer you, well next step is palm, now if you bought it at best buy, they have very good tech support but are not so good at cell phones, so I would probably go straight to palm if your in that category. Good luck with the issue, hope you can get it resolved! Let us know how it turns out. FYI might have been a post for the issues forum, even indirectly.

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You can post problems on our Issues board, or on Palm's web forum


Currently, you won't have a lot of luck with phone support - they're still coming up to speed.  Give them another couple of days.


Palm's web forum has direct input to the bug-tracking system at Palm, so that may be a better bet.  I'm over there occasionally, as I have time, answering questions.

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