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Does anyone think Sprint will get this?

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Does anyone think Sprint will get this?

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Verizon Wireless is cutting the prices for Palm's Pre Plus and Pixi Plus smart phones and offering free access to a Wi-Fi service that lets the phones deliver Internet access to other kinds of devices -- such as Apple's iPad.
Palm Inc. has been struggling to compete as consumers flock to such devices as Apple Inc. 's iPhone and Research In Motion Ltd.'s BlackBerry , so the price cut and addition of some free service could help the company snag bargain-hunting shoppers.
Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney said Thursday that Verizon is selling Palm's Pre Plus for $50, down from $150. The Pixi Plus now goes for $30, down from $80. Both require two-year contracts.
Both phones are black with touch screens and standard QWERTY keyboards. The keyboard for the Pre Plus slides out from the bottom, while the one for the Pixi Plus is built into its face. The devices run Palm's WebOS software.
Verizon is also offering free -- though limited -- use of a service that lets up to five devices connect to Verizon's wireless network through the phones, which act as a Wi-Fi hotspot.
A mobile hotspot utility was already available as a free download from Palm's App Catalog for use on the Pre and Pixi Plus, but Verizon was charging $40 a month for 5 gigabytes of data use. Now, the company is offering users that amount of data use for free each month.
Verizon users get a better phone than me and pay $100 less than I did.
At any rate if it increases Palm's sales it will help us backwater Sprint users because developers will have more incentive to create more software.
My guess is that Sprint will leapfrog this, a year or two down the road and be the first to offer the webOS device that comes after the Plus!?

Re: Does anyone think Sprint will get this?

People have to understand that, Verizon can afford to do this. They want customers, and they are willing to take the hit of higher subsidy costs.

Sprint isn't, as shown with the NFL deal. $750,000,000..... Verizon can pay it, with there ridiculously high prices.

We don't have the money.


Re: Does anyone think Sprint will get this?


Total coincidence that I ran across 2 of your posts today... but anyway...

I understand your concern about the Pre & Pixi, and I'll be totally honest: I (and many of my colleagues) were NOT happy when Palm made an exclusive deal with Verizon for the "plus" versions of the Pre & Pixi. I don't know any info about the 'next gen' of Pre or Pixi, unfortunately.

I would encourage you to make this comparison: Verizon's phone price + plan price for 24 months, vs. Sprint's phone price + plan price for 24 months. I think you'll find Sprint to be the lower cost over the two years.

BTW, If you haven't downloaded it yet, there's a software  update available now from "Updates" on your phone. It took about 10 minutes for mine to download it, and a few more to install it.


Re: Does anyone think Sprint will get this?

Yeah, I installed thankfully it stopped the frequent, annoying screen freezes I was getting.

I was at Best Buy yesterday and the Pre Plus was $200 cheaper (without a plan) than the Pre (without a plan).


Re: Does anyone think Sprint will get this?

OK, glad to hear the last update made the Pre work better for you.

I haven't been out to look at the Best Buy phone prices, but for a 2-year comparison, I just ran through a purchase at, and here's what I found:


Unlimited calling = $69.99

Unlimited messaging between Verizon phones, plus 500 with non-Verizon phones = $10.00

Unlimited email + web (personal only, no corporate email) = $29.99

Add corporate email = $20.00

Total = $129.98/month


Unlimited calling

Unlimited messaging (to ANY phones, Sprint or otherwise)

Unlimited email + web (BOTH personal and corporate)

Total = $99.99/month

So $30 extra per month X 24 months = $720. So in this comparison, Verizon is giving you $200 on the front end, but charging you $520 more over 2 years. (And make sure you don't text non-Vz phones too much!)

Now, if you don't want the corporate email, then that's still a $240 difference, meaning Vz still charges you more over the 2 years even if Best Buy gives you a $200 break up front. And you're still limited when texting non-Vz phones.


Re: Does anyone think Sprint will get this?

I totally agree that of the major carriers Sprint has by far the best price for plans...especially the one I have...since 95% of my calls during the day are to other cell phones I don't need many minutes (the only time I call land lines is at night or weekends).  I have 450 minute plan with unlimited cell to cell.  I've never used more than 250 minutes in a month...this is a very good plan for me.  Not to mention with my dubious credit, Verizon wanted a $500 deposit...Sprint only wanted $100.

There are only a couple of things that annoyed me about my plan.  1) The $5 spending limit charge.  It actually isn't that bad but since the first time I found out about it, was on my first bill, this annoyed me.  The sales rep never said anything when I signed up for the plan.  2)  Compared to past service with other providers I find the Data coverage to be a bit inconsistent.  As you told me on the 4g blog 4g should be getting to NYC soon, hopefully this will help.

8 gig is a lot but after 3 months my phone is over half full with music, 16 gig would have been much nicer.  (I heard rumour that the iPhone 4G is going to have 128 gig)


Re: Does anyone think Sprint will get this?

what is the mobile hotspot for the Palm Pre? is it in the Homebrew dael?

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