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Everything Plus Referral Program


Everything Plus Referral Program

Upgrading from sero to the EPRP I find that I'm still unable to get the PRE at the 299 offer/mail in rebate. A local sprint store had 3 available but I was told no dice, since employee plans were not being honored at this time, and I would have to purchase via a 2nd party or 3rd party. No way do I want to spend $600.00

I guess my only option is to wait? Even the Sprint Referral site says it wasnt available Smiley Sad

nyone else having issues getting the PRE eventhough they were willing to upgrade from the SERO to EPRP?




Re: Everything Plus Referral Program

Yes, you will have to wait.

Will could you possibly sticky your SERO plan thread at the top with the other FAQs?

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