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Find support for the Palm Pre


Find support for the Palm Pre

I stood in line for hours back in June to get my Pre, because the promise of a web based platform complete with regular web updates and third-party apps in an i-phone-like device seemed great...Palm and Sprint, you've scored a home run with the Pre!

After the latest webOS update which includes VIDEO functionality (finally!) and blinking notifications for email, texts, etc, I now have VERY LITTLE to complain about with the Pre!  The one hardware issue is the lack of memory expansion since there is no expansion slot, but even with that shortfall it is BY FAR the best phone I've used, and I've progressed through the entire Palm range from the original Treo 300 to the Treo 755i as well as HTC Mogul and Touch Pro, Samsung Instinct, and the Treo Pro.  Hopefully my last gripe, the lack of ability to assign ringtones to different caller groups (unknown, known, etc.) will be addressed in the NEXT revision!

My question is this:  The Palm website shows the Pre is capable of conference-calling up to 6 simultaneous callers as long as it is supported by your carrier, but info on the Sprint site is sketchy at best.  What I've found I THINK shows basically a three-way call, yourself being one of the three is their version of a "conference call", although calling it "conference call" instead of "three-way call" is misleading...does anyone know if Sprint supports the up-to-six-participant calls?  If so, is it an extra charge like call forwarding, or does it just multiply your minute usage?

I can try it out tomorrow to get an answer, but since it's 3am here I'm not inclined to try it right now  🙂  Being on the everything plan with unlimited mobile-to-mobile is wonderful, and would make 6-person conference calls cheap!  Thanks for any help or info!


Okay, tried to initiate a conference call today to my other 5 lines of service...even though Palm has engineered the Pre to be capable of a true conference call of up to 6 lines, the Sprint network will not  allow it      You can do a basic "three-way" call and that's it.

The Pre will let you choose to add a third (and I assume a 4th, 5th, and 6th) outbound line, search your contacts and initiate a call, but Sprint intervenes  at that point.  When you try to add anything more than the first two lines, you get a popup message saying "no free lines".

Sad...this is such an awesome phone, but Sprint holds back it's potential in so many ways.

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