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Flash support coming October!!!!!!!


Flash support coming October!!!!!!!

Adobe has announced that their flash 10 mobile for smartphones will debut in October, 2009. The Palm Pre will be one of the the first smartphones to support it due to Palms participation in Adobe's "open project" collaboration.

With flash support, the Palm Pre will be one of the first mobile phones that will offer a "complete" web browsing experience. Flash support will also open up greater possibilities in app developement as well. Especially for gaming!!! And with the SDK coming by the end of summer, according to Palm, buckle up everyone. You're going to be in for one hell of a ride!!!! Like a rollercoaster slowly climbing to its peak, and then...

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The Palm Pre Hunter!!!!!!!

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Re: Flash support coming October!!!!!!!

Kind of sorry to see that the Blackberry line and iPhone aren't listed there. But yay a real Flash plugin for smartphones finally.


Re: Flash support coming October!!!!!!!

Nice! That will really add to the browsing experience which is already great...

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