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HP discontinues all webOS smartphones and tablets


HP discontinues all webOS smartphones and tablets

Well, webOS fans, the official word from HP is that we and all our devices are being dumped.

We have been officially notified of this by a couple of lines buried in the third paragraph of an announcement about HPs talks with another company about something else entirely.

Here's the full quote:

"In addition, HP reported that it plans to announce that it will discontinue operations for webOS devices, specifically the TouchPad and webOS phones. HP will continue to explore options to optimize the value of webOS software going forward."

Sad day, and nothing on the market that will adequately replace my aging and very tired Palm Pre.



HP discontinues all webOS smartphones and tablets

Thanks for posting this TOMAS_, I had no idea! I agree with you - this is quite sad indeed. If I had not been offered to be a part of a Product Ambassador team for the BlackBerry Style last year, I would still be rocking my Palm Pixi. I loved webOS, maybe not as much as you, but I found it amazingly simple to use and I though it was a "true" multitasking experience. Wow - what a bummer.


HP discontinues all webOS smartphones and tablets

Disgusted isn't even the word.  I read  also.  Will Sprint finally admit that the reason they didn't have anything to say was because of a HP's pending discontinuance of the entire platform?  To me, that would go a long way in RESTORING the credibility of all the emails we flooded them with.


HP discontinues all webOS smartphones and tablets

Yes, but...

A part of the reason for HP abandoning the webOS smartphone business might be a total lack of interest/support from their original exclusive release partner: Sprint.

We just don't know, and probably never will.

I can't blame the users (us), and I can't blame the dedicated developers, but who to actually blame will remain a mystery unless those involved with the details decide to speak honestly and forthrightly with us.

(My opinion of getting the real story? Ain't gonna happen!)


HP discontinues all webOS smartphones and tablets

To anyone else interested in expressing their outrage over this news, here's the link to email Leo directly:


HP discontinues all webOS smartphones and tablets

Thank you for the post. It is sad...I am hoping that HP would continue WebOS on the smartphones. it truly is a great multi-tasking system...just needed an update on the processor.


HP discontinues all webOS smartphones and tablets

Here's my response to Leo:

In my book, the announcement today that HP is dropping support for WebOS devices means you've failed miserably. Glad I'm only a customer and not an investor... billions of dollars to build a mobile ecosystem that rivals Apple, that's "cool", only to walk away?

As a Sprint Pre owner with multiple HP computers, I was initally thrilled when HP purchased Palm. Now, I can't wait to hear when/if you sell it all, lock, stock and barrel, to someone else on the off chance we'll someday see the promise of Palm WebOS realized.

But wait, you're still going to develop WebOS, huh? Well, good luck with that. What was the biggest issue cited with WebOS phones and tablets? Lack of applications. Who's going to develop for it now? Yeah, you can put WebOS in cars and toasters but what about bringing the HP scale to the table, to putting WebOS on millions of PCs (that you won't be selling, either)? Enjoy the pretty face you'll have on your printers but without the breadth of adoption of WebOS on mobile devices, what will it matter if WebOS lives on only on single-purpose devices? You've lost any chance of leveraging convergence. Seems pretty shortsighted to me. My prediction? In five years, WebOS will be a long-distant memory and HP will be known as the company that killed both Palm and WebOS.

And by the way, it wasn't just the OS... Palm and HP may have fallen consistently short of the mark in delivering market-leading hardware to run it on but it was always amazing (e.g., Touchstone, etc.) but just not quite as powerful as it needed to be. Until the Pre 3. Or so I hear. Guess I'll never see for myself.

Good thing you're turning your backs on consumer business to focus on the enterprise because this is one less consumer customer you'll have.

A saddened 11 year loyal Palm customer.


HP discontinues all webOS smartphones and tablets



As a formerly happy user of a Palm Pre I am very disappointed with the way that HP has broken it's promises and failed to support its users.

Perhaps if HP had actually followed through and released a physically solid smartphone using webOS as repeatedly promised, webOS would have some customers.

We were waiting, pleading, to get new webOS smartphones, but instead we got a joke, Mini Pre (Veer) and a tablet dumped into a market totally owned by iOS, with no backup products or software.

A good smartphone you could have sold. Our old webOS smartphones need to be replaced.

Now ALL of us are busily looking for the least bad alternative to webOS.

WebOS was arguably the best phone OS out there. Now it - and HP - are something we will be trying hard to forget.

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