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How to delete preinstalled apps (treo 755p)


How to delete preinstalled apps (treo 755p)

Hello, first post in this forum and I just picked up my first palm today.. a used 755p. I can not fin anything online or in the manual to tell me how to delete some of the pre-installed apps. Specifically Sprint TV. I do not want this on my phone. Also I want to remove all the games as well. I tried to do it like this... on the home page>highlight Sprint TV (or other apps)>opened App Menu>selected Delete - then it brings me to a delete menu with a list of totally unrelated and oddly named files.. none of which appear to be related to the apps I want to remove. It is very important that I remove these apps so even if the solution involves a complicated "hack" or running a 3rd party app I am confortable with doing that.

Thanks much!



Re: How to delete preinstalled apps (treo 755p)

Unfortunately preloaded apps are not able to be removed from our devices.  I am not aware of any third party software that may do this as well.  sorry.


Re: How to delete preinstalled apps (treo 755p)

Thanks Ray. Anyway to block or disable them? Right now I catagorized them so they don't show on the screen but I would love to be able to disable Sprint TV.

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