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I have the Palm Pre (1st Choice) and HTC Hero (2nd)


I have the Palm Pre (1st Choice) and HTC Hero (2nd)

I upgraded to OS 1.4 and LOVE it so much... I have the Hero and don't think its as good as the Pre

Great Job Palm and Sprint. I love this phone more then my Apple iPhone is this is an excellent phone to.

I just wish there App store starts getting real good stuff. I like the games that are coming out such as Guitar Hero.

We need more cool stuff. GREAT JOB!


Re: I have the Palm Pre (1st Choice) and HTC Hero (2nd)

I slightly disagree with you. 

I am long time Palm smartphone user and Sprint customer.  I have the Palm 755p with Palm OS.  Although the Palm OS technology has grown a bit stale in this day of the super smartphone, it was the most complete smartphone of it day.  I keep the 755p for specific apps that I have on it.  Also, I have the Palm Pre.  I've had it since June 6, 2009 which was the release day.  Yes, I was one "those people" in the lines that early Saturday morning.  Although I have enjoyed the innovation and uniqueness of WebOS, my Pre was not the smartphone I had hoped for.  It lacked much of the fundamental functionality in my Palm 755p.  But now, with WebOS 1.4, my Palm Pre has 85 to 90 percent of the functionality / capability that I'd expect.  I'd like apps  for  Audilble and Rhapsody for my audio books and Rhapsody music subscriptions respectively.

My wife has the Sprint HTC Hero.  I loved that smartphone out of the box.  With the HTC Sense user interface and apps/widgets, it hits a home run out of the box.  Although I am a fan for the Android OS, I think HTC Sense sets it apart and takes it a few leaps ahead of regular Android smartphones.  The Hero has innovation and is unique.  As for as features and capability, it has the best of the Pre and the iPhone.  My only real complaint regarding the Hero is how long it is going to take Sprint to push the latest Android and HTC Sense updates.  Although there are new HTC Android phones with 1 GHz processors about to hit the US market, in my opinion the Sprint HTC Hero has adequate power and is currently ahead of the pack.

With all of that said, I am very happy that I have WebOS 1.4 now; but I have to still give the Hero with Android & HTC Sense 1st place and the Pre a close second place.

What I really want is one of those super smartphones that is rumored to hit the US market soon.  I love Sprint reasonable pricing.  So, I am hoping that Sprint gets either the new Pre (C40 or something like that) or one of the new HTC Android with Sense smartphones like the Desire, Incredible, or Supersonic with 1GHz processor and a 3.7" or 4.3" display.  When and if a super smartphone comes out, I'd keep my Pre and finally ditch my Palm 755p.

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