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MobileMe and Palm Pre?

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MobileMe and Palm Pre?

My company recently "upgraded" our Exchange server.  Now, the  server will only work with Blackberries and iPhones.  Not only do I not  have access to company email on my Pre, I no longer have access to my  contacts and calendar information.  If I enter this data into iCal and  Address Book on my iMac at home, is it possible to sync these things up  on my Pre via MobileMe?  More importantly, can I give my assistant log  in info so she can keep my calendar up to date for me and have  everything sync?  If not MobileMe, what other solution would you  recommend?

I hate to make my assistant double enter all my  appointments, but I'm not about to give up my Pre for a Blackberry and  AT&T is not an option.  Any suggestions would be greatly  appreciated.  (Good natured ribbing would be tolerated.)


Re: MobileMe and Palm Pre?

I faced a steep learning curve coming off Palm Desktop (for the past 8 years or so) which the Pre doesn't use.  What it does use is Google Calendar, which you can easily bookmark in any browser.  Mine is on the Firefox taskbar for everyone who regularly needs to see my calendar.  It's not the most sophisticated calendar, but it is almost instantaneous when anyone makes a change to it.  Your Pre will pick up the changes within minutes, just as anyone viewing your calendar elsewhere will pick up changes made on your Pre.  That should solve your calendar problems.  It's a heck of a lot easier than manually synching the thing.  Also more reliable if your CPU or HD happens to die.

Since you''ll have a Google account anyway, get a Gmail address and automatically forward cc. your company mail to it with an Inbox filter.  This should give you instant access, assuming your CPU is logged on and downloading the mail 24/7.  Otherwise, it will require someone to manually check the mail.  This also provides a redundant system to keep important stuff from getting lost if your hardware fails.


Re: MobileMe and Palm Pre?

Thank you for your helpful reply.  A quick comment and an additional question:

I cannot forward all my business email to a gmail account (or to my home email account) without violating my company's data security policy.  So, while your idea would work, it's not a practical possibility for me.

Does Google sync up my address book ("contacts" on the Pre), too?  If so, how?


Re: MobileMe and Palm Pre?

Download a copy of your contacts to your PC in .vcf or .csv format, Create a gmail account if you don't have one, Open gmail

On the left is a link for contacts, On the contacts page on the top right is a "Import" tab.

On your phone open "Contacts" Pull down menu top left, "Preferences & Accounts", Scroll down to "Add an Account" Tap "Google", Add you gmail address and password. Once added navigate back to the "Preferences & Accounts" tap "Sync Now"

ALSO, To have all contacts added from here on out sync with "Google" on the "Preferences & Accounts" page, Tap on "Default Account" and set Google as your default.

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