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More Palm Centro Battery Problems


More Palm Centro Battery Problems

I charged my Palm Centro last night, took it to work this morning, didn't use it at all, and four hours later the battery is completely dead.  Most of the time my Centro battery will go two days with moderate usage before needing a charge, but maybe once every one or two weeks, I'll have a string of days where the battery won't last more than a few hours.

I'm on my second Centro.  My first started doing this within thirty days of purchase from Sprint; I took it to a number of Sprint stores and each claimed it must be the battery.  One technician thought my Bluetooth was on (it wasn't; I had to show him how to check it); another gave me a battery for a Palm Pre (which Palm says is in compatible); a third gave me a new battery, but I immediately had the same problem.  None of them would believe or understand that this is obviously a device issue.  They finally gave me a new phone, and within weeks, the same problem started happening.  I tried a hard reset and that worked for a couple days, and then the battery drain again.

There's plenty of message boards with customers reporting this problem.  I've seen all sort of solutions: make sure Bluetooth is off (it is, I don't use it); uninstall thirty party applications (don't have any); turn off roaming (it's off, but it didn't help); turn off the Sprint email (don't use it); turn off automatic date/time (will do, but if the battery goes, won't the phone's time be off?).  Sure would be nice to see some sort of system log from the Centro -- obviously something else is going on.

Whenever I've taken my phone in to Sprint, I've been told that because I didn't purchase their additional phone insurance, their ability to help me is limited.  I've tried explaining, more than once, that this is obviously a problem with the phone's operating system, and therefore a Sprint customer shouldn't be required to pay extra money to get a solution.  Insurance is for if something happens to the phone, not for when the phone is sold with a hidden defect.

It's completely unacceptable that if I leave my house to go to work with a fully charged phone, my phone will be completely dead before I leave to go back home.  Some suggestions I've seen online that customers should carry around a second battery are, frankly, insulting.  I will have to think hard when my contract is up whether I'll get another Palm, or even if I'll stay with Sprint.  I feel I've been sold a phone with a defect, and in essence I've been told by Sprint there's nothing they can do about it.

I have posted aspects of this message on the Palm customer service board, too -- hopefully someone at Sprint or Palm will be as disappointed in this as I am, and offer assistance.

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Re: More Palm Centro Battery Problems

I have been having the same problem with my phone. every time I charge the phone the battery drains.

I even bought an extra battery  because theis phone dies so fast. And it takes almos an half an hour

just for this phone to turn on. I agree! This is very unexceptable. This is almost as bad as the i-phone 4G

recall. The ringer isn't  loud. then another time ui tryed to charge my phone. it started opening apps calling

people playing music sending messages an orher stuff. It is very frustrating. please fix this problem forall of the

palm users.


Re: More Palm Centro Battery Problems

I've had my Centro for just over 3 years and have never had this problem. I'm still using the original battery that came with the phone and 3 years later it has only slightly less battery time.

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