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Network Time


Network Time

My Palm Pre has odd timekeeping issues..

With network time on, wifi off: Gains 5 (+/- 1) minutes within 2 days of last reset compared to other satellite aware devices in my home.

Is network time determined by a wifi network or sprint network and how often does it update?

This issue is typical of overclocked hardware..

( could this explain the hot, quick draining battery and insane speed of the Pre? If so.. I can live with it!! )


Re: Network Time

I seem to have answered my own question here. Upon connecting to a WiFi network my fast clock issue corrected itself.. then sped up again once I was disconected for a time. If I didn't have a 10 minute commute to work, I would have never noticed. Keeps me from being late so.. lets just call it an undocumented feature.

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