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New WebOS Phone


New WebOS Phone


I have had your service since 2003 and have never had much of a problem. I have also moved several of my family onto Sprint from other carriers because of my loyalty to you and now I am a premier customer.  Since first getting my palm pre in June of 2009 and I haven't had a phone that could do as much as my Pre and continue to improve with updates. However I am extremely disappointed that at this point Sprint has denied Palm from offering their new phone to your service.  At this point I am considering slowly moving all my lines off your carrier to Verizon if Sprint does not get a new WebOS (or the Pre 2) phone. Thank you for your years of service and I hope this helps. And no I don't like any of your other phones.


Jacob P.


Re: New WebOS Phone

I completely agree, my entire family also uses Sprint now after switching from AT&T and now that its been over a year without a device thats better than the Palm Pre with WebOS I am strongly considering switching to Verizon to get the new Palm Pre 2. I have been with sprint for 6 years and consider myself a loyal customer, even buying an Airave when I moved to an area with less than stellar service. However, I am completely in love with the WebOS and would be willing to switch to continue using it, (I have been on palm phones longer than I have been with sprint).


Re: New WebOS Phone

I also agree, I am waiting for the February anonouncement by HP/PALM regrading WebOS, if Sprint does not offer any of the new phones supporting WEBOS soon, I will alow my contract to expire and mor to Verizon. I love webos, but I cant even upgrade to Pre as they do not support it anymore. (sigh)  I currentlty have three phones (all WEBOS on the Pixi's) with sprint.  Hopefully they will at least provide upgrades to WEbOS 2.0.  if not then come end of next year I am gone.  I do not want the Android junk or any of the other phones they provide, maybe a Windows 7 mobile, maybe..

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