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New here couple of quick questions


New here couple of quick questions

     Hi everybody I just got my Pre 2 weeks ago and after reading around here I realized I am not even using its full potential. ( its my first smartphone )

Question 1: Is it possible to add things to my quick launch? If so, how?

Q 2: What are homebrew apps? Well I know what they are but is it better to use the app catalog?

Q 3: Is there a certain format that videos need to be in to whatch them? Because I put some family guy episodes on that I got from limewire but they couldnt play.... they are definatly there though.

Q 4: I havent had a chance to explore it yet but how does doc view work? Can I edit the documents? only because I feel this would be great for when I start my next semester.

Thats it for now... I'm sure I will think of some more hahaha

Oh also if anyone has anything else to add that would really help me enjoy my pre more than I am now I would really apreciate it.

Thank you guys in an advance


Re: New here couple of quick questions

quick update

I figured out how do question one. And I feel like a moron haha. Tonight is the first night I have had time to really play with it.

And about the homebrew apps Is there a high chance of me breaking my phone if I dont exactly know what I am doing? Because as I understand it they are all going to be in the catalog when it gets out of beta. ( Which I wish they would do already )


Re: New here couple of quick questions


Yes, precentral's homebrew apps are safe. It is where the developers are beta testing their apps and most will be in the palm app store eventually. They have set up safe ways to get them on your device without worring of bricking your phone.

We are not supposed to talk about the homebrew apps on this site, for now(?) Will is trying to get approval to let us disscusse them here, The phone is supposed to be "Open Source" after all.

You can join my Pre group and we will help you if you have any issues.

3. This is the program I used to convert movies for the Instinct and they work/look great on the Pre.

Pazera Free PSP Converter 1.1. It is free and has no spyware/adware at

Then simply follow the instructions for converting a video. Choose to use "POWER MODE" You can set bit rate, etc to whatever you like. I recommend 600 for the video bit rate. However, you will need to make sure to set the following settings correctly to get the right size and aspect ratio for the Instinct. The Resolution and Cropping settings will get rid of the black bars at top and bottom(for the most part) and size the video to use the entire Instinct screen.

Ouput Format: MP4(MPEG-4/AAC)
Resolution: Custom
Width: 432
Height: 324


These settings will work for most videos assuming that the black bars are the same size on top and bottom which they usually are. If need be, play with the settings for a particular video.


Ther is also this move converter designed to for on the Pre.


4. I believe the Doc Viewer is just that "A Viewer" I dont believe you can edit them thou.


Re: New here couple of quick questions

May I can help with question 4. One concept behind the Pre is the use of the "Cloud". Many people see this as the future of computing. Your apps will not necessarily be stored on your device but you will use an app (webapp) located on some server on the internet. I currently use both google docs and zoho for word processing and spreadsheet.. Give them a try



Re: New here couple of quick questions

Thank you very much that will definatly help for when I am in school. Since I do not have a laptop yet.


Re: New here couple of quick questions

Thank you, your answers where a huge help. I downloaded some brew apps and it was very simple I am about to try your video suggestion. thanks again for your help


Re: New here couple of quick questions

Okay, well, Out of all of your questions, the one you figured out and didnt share for the rest of us to feel as moronic as you did ( ha ha ha), is how to add apps to your quick launch, however, i did figure out how to take them out! 

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