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Palm Centro Text Message Alert


Palm Centro Text Message Alert

I have a question about the alert that shows up with a text message on the Palm Centro.  I know the phone will either play the tone or vibrate, depending upon the phone setting and the text message will show up on the screen.  I want to know if there is a way to be notified of a message if I miss the vibration or the message tone.  For example my previous phone had a red flashing light if I missed a message that I noticed does not happen with the Centro.  Is there an option on the phone I am missing?

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Re: Palm Centro Text Message Alert

The message descriptions in the inbox, outbox, and sent folders show the message status:

     Unread messages appear in bold.


     Read messages appear in plain text.

     Urgent messages appear with a red exclamation point(!)

You should see an icon on the screen for missed messages. If the message has an error, there will be a red (x)....

Hope this helps!


Re: Palm Centro Text Message Alert

Google, ATTNGRAB.  it is a program which lets you set different setting for the LED and vibrate on the Centro.  Otherwise, you have to check the phone (their is an alert icon in the upper left corner if there is any pending alerts from text, call, calendar,etc.)

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