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Palm Centro tweeks, tips, and tricks.


Palm Centro tweeks, tips, and tricks.

I am constantly exploring and finding new things out about the Centro. So, as I find them, I'll post them up in here.

Tip #1: You can assign shortcuts to applications and contacts (as well as other things) from the "favorites buttons" below your phone screen.

To do this: Press the Phone button (or access it via the launcher screen if you have re-assigned that button) and at the bottom you should see two buttons "Contacts" and "Call Log", press "down" on the 5-way navigator (the Palm button interface). This will bring up the entire screen of favorites buttons, and you can see multiple pages of them are available. Simply use the 5-way to select the favorites button you want to create (or edit if one already exists.) In this instance, we'll use Pocket Tunes, which already has a shortcut in the favorites buttons.

Highlight the PTunes button and then press the Menu key (it's located in the bottom right corner of the screen and has a small 'up' arrow on it), now scroll down or tap "edit favorites button." The "type" should say Application, Label should say "pTunes" and the Quick Key spot is where you assign the shortcut. I used the 'p' key for my shortcut. (by the way - you only need to type it in normally, the press and hold is what you do to use the shortcut).

Now, once you are done, click "OK" and you will returned to the Favorite buttons. Now, you can access PocketTunes from the phone application, the launcher screen or almost anywhere (i'll explain that more in a second.) Just press and hold the 'P' key (you don't need to make it CAPS when you press it.)

The only exceptions to this rule are that if you are typing, it won't work. So if you're in Nexter sending a text, it will simply type 'Ppppppppp' if you attempt to access it from there. If you have the sound on, you should hear 2-3 beeps indicating the program is launching.

This is a great feature and allows you to quickly hop between programs on the Centro, or quickly dial those you call most frequently. If you have any trouble making this work, let me know.

This feature is only supported on the Centro, currently. I don't believe 755p and 700p users can access those shortcuts anywhere EXCEPT on the phone screen.

I'll be back with more soon.


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Re: Palm Centro tweeks, tips, and tricks.

Here's another time saver that works on the Centro and 755p:

If you press the 'home' key while you're in a program, it takes you to the launcher screen, and if you press 'home' from the launcher, it cycles through your categories.

However, if you press and HOLD the home key on these handsets, a short list of the last 8 applications you have used will pop up in the lower right corner of your screen. This way, you can quickly get back to the game of Sudoku after work calls to ask why you are still on break!

This feature is not currently supported by the 700p.


Re: Palm Centro tweeks, tips, and tricks.

I want Palm & HTC to create a device that has both amazing companies ideas!~


Re: Palm Centro tweeks, tips, and tricks.

Nice tip. I heard The Midget Fanclub has all the best "tips".


Re: Palm Centro tweeks, tips, and tricks.

An HTC PalmPC would be a really cool phone!

I'll leave those tips to you docking professionals, d josk.

Here's another Centro/Treo tip, though.

The Palm OS is in it's 5th version, but it's backwards compatible, so many programs from the last few years still work perfectly, even on the newest Palm, the Centro. One of those programs is available for free is an easy way to keep track of your plane while travelling:

If you know the flight number for your flight all you do is type it in and it returns the information for your flight. (Usually within 10-20 seconds.) However, if you do not know the flight number you may also fill in a small form and it gives you a list of flights for that airline. (Again, usually within 10-20 seconds.) You may then click on one and it tells you information about that flight. The information it gives you is: Departure City, Arrival City, Departure Time, Arrival Tim, as well as airspeed in knots, equipment and altitude.

This version has Independence Air as well as other new airlines as well as security wait times for the Atlanta airport. (The only airport that has real-time posting of their security waits.)

You can get that program from here:

It's a very basic program but with a very specific purpose that it can easily, and quickly perform.


Re: Palm Centro tweeks, tips, and tricks.

Please refer to for a complete video guide tutorial all about the newest fad in the music/pop punk scene entitled "Docking: Only for the Cool Kids!" I thought I saw a cameo by GFS himself!

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Re: Palm Centro tweeks, tips, and tricks.

What is all this talk of docking?


Re: Palm Centro tweeks, tips, and tricks.

Check out the site for the video tutorial!


Re: Palm Centro tweeks, tips, and tricks.

I don't believe that video is on my site, however, you can download a free album called 'a total nightmare' from the media section if you'd like to get an idea of what we sound like, or you can visit our myspace.

To get this thread back on topic, here's another tip:

For those who frequently disconnect calls, due to touch screen buttons being tapped by your ear or cheek while talking, you can disable the touch screen during calls. Simply to go the launcher, find your 'Prefs' shortcut and tap it. When Prefs opens, you'll see the General Preferences listed first. On the right side, tab the 'Keyguard' option. At the bottom of this screen you'll see options for disabling the Touch Screen: "Incoming calls Received" (you can avoid taking a call you want to avoid, by accidentally answering while getting the phone out of your pocket.) or "On a call" (no more accidental hang ups). I had both of these turned off for a few months, but after awhile, it caught up to me and both are now enabled on my Centro.

Also, for those who are turned off by the pre-installed pTunes skins, here's a link to download skins from NormSoft (the pTunes creator):

and here's their tutorial on how easy these skins are to install:

  1. Find a skin that you want to install.

  2. Download the skin by clicking on the download link.

  3. When you are prompted to Save or Open, choose Open. (If you do not get this option, then you will need to find the file that was saved to your PC and double-click on it.)

  4. Find the skin file, usually it will be the name of the skin with '.pdb' at the end, e.g. MySkin.pdb .

  5. Double click on the file.

  6. Perform a HotSync operation.

  7. Open Pocket Tunes and open the menu by tapping near the top of the screen where it says 'Pocket Tunes'.

  8. Select 'Tools' and then 'Choose Skin'.

  9. You will see all the skins you have installed listed there. Simply choose the skin you want and press 'OK'.

One of my favorite skins emulates the Modern default Winamp skin:

There are many skins, including Windows Media player, iPhone/iPod, and a variety of original skins created by users and approved for use by NormSoft. There's even a tutorial on how to create your own skin, if you think that's something you'd like to do.


Re: Palm Centro tweeks, tips, and tricks.

Here's another one I am frequently asked about:

How do I make my own ringtones on the Centro?

There is a program for the Palm OS that makes this process easy and simple: MiniTones!

You can download MiniTones for free! Just head over to this address to pick it up:,1053.html

Here's how to do it:

Install the minitones prc file onto your Centro and once it's accepted into applications, tap on the MiniTones shortcut on the launcher.

Once the app is open, it'll scan your phone and card for mp3 files, giving you a total, and then listing your files out. Just tap the check box next to the mp3 of the song that you want to use as the ringtone. I used Bust a Move by Young MC.

There are two buttons at the bottom. Add Selected and Sounds Preferences. Sounds Preferences will take you to the Sounds section of the 'Prefs' for the phone. Add Selected will take you to you to the next MiniTones screen.

The Add Tone dialog box will pop up, and it will show you the name of the ring tone, the file size currently, and the length. There are 4 buttons at the bottom of this box: Add, Skip, Trim, and Cancel.

Add will add the entire song as a ringtone to your phone.

Skip will jump to the next mp3 (if you have selected more than one) without processing that one.

Trim will allow you choose a specific part of a song to make into the ring tone.

Cancel will stop the process.

Remember: Sprint allows for 30 seconds of ringing before voicemail should pick up, so making a ringtone longer than 30 seconds is somewhat unnecessary, as it's not very likely you'd hear more than that.


Re: Palm Centro tweeks, tips, and tricks.

Here's another one:

Something I hear from Mobile users a lot is that the Mobile YouTube is kinda lame. The soundis of the lowest quality possible, and the list goes on. Mobile YouTube, while cool, is far from perfect. There is a player for the Palm OS that can handle videos in full quality, like those on YouTube and Google Videos. It's from the same company that distributes the video player that's included on the Centro (and Treo 680, 700p, and 755p): Kinoma.

The Kinoma Media Guide allows you to search YouTube and Google video for high quality, streaming video clips, that are stored either to the phone or card - based on how big they are. Now, this is not a free upgrade, however, I found out that Centro owners can get a discount on this great piece of software. It's usually $25 to get the full version, but while I was scouring the web for Palm YouTube players, I found this in a KinomaNotes blog post:

First, soft-reset your phone (take out the battery). This will reset your pre-installed Kinoma EX 4 player. This will force the application to open a short 'about' screen before playing a video.

Next, open Blazer (called 'Web' on the launcher) and go to (the mobile youtube) and play any video. Kinoma will launch to play it, and for about 3 seconds a box will appear before the video begins. Just below the logo and version number, there's a link to download the full version. This link discounts the software by $10, making it only a one time fee of $15 to get a full quality youtube player up and running on your Centro (or compatible Treo)!

You can read the full blog post (which I've paraphrased here) at this url:

Hope this helps anyone out there who hates the mobile youtube!


Re: Palm Centro tweeks, tips, and tricks.

Another great tip from GFS. Man, does he have the best tip(s) or what?

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