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Palm Centro


Palm Centro

Does the palm centro require a data plan?


Palm Centro


It's recommended that you have a data plan. But it is not a requirement of the device.

However if you activate a palm centro or any other pda/smartphone device now, or after 1/31/2011 you will be charged the $10.00 premium data add on charge per month.



Re: Palm Centro

Without a data plan or data add-on the Centro becomes a bit limited.  However, I suppose you could buy a phone plan, add a text messaging add-on and then the $10 premium data fee.  If they let you do that, and if you used data, it would be pay-as-you-go for data (internet).

So, you'd want to be careful not to use the internet browser (data) or you'll go broke.  The Centro doesn't have WiFi capability either.

Instead, if you're looking to save money, I'd take a hard look at a Boost, Virgin or Straight Talk smartphone pay-as-you-go plan (each uses the Sprint Network; but no roaming allowed).

Another option is to get something like a Sprint Kyocera Brio.  It's a feature phone (sort of similar to the Centro), and you will avoid the $10 premium data add-on.

A last option is a flip-phone ($10 to $30/mo.) and an iPod Touch.  The best of both worlds.

BTW, three or four years in, I'm riding the same Palm Centro (and paying very little).  It's a great device.  You'll never do a reset or battery pull; NEVER). Although quite primitive by today's standards, it does have GoggleMaps and if one uses mobile websites exclusively, the internet is quite good.  I may never upgrade.

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