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Palm/HP Pre 3 and Veer

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Re: Palm/HP Pre 3 and Veer

The more stories like this that come out the more deafening Sprint's silence is.

Knowing the 2 companies are splitting will make it easier to go though. First I'll move my line then as the other 3 contracts run out I'll port them over. There are plenty of good android phones for my wife to choose from to replace her Evo.

Never thought it would actually come down to this.


Re: Palm/HP Pre 3 and Veer

We have five lines, been with Sprint for 13 years, Premiere gold and all that jazz.

Now - as each line finishes it's contract - we'll leave.  One line at a time, Sprint will lose us.

Sad thing is that there was no need for that to happen.  Sprint had the power all along to keep us and chose not to. There are now three other choices in carriers for us to go to because for us the OS is more important than the carrier.

Sprint will learn that eventually but of course by then, they'll belong to someone else, or be gone.


Re: Palm/HP Pre 3 and Veer

I saw the article that the Pre 3 might not be coming to Sprint. I started looking at plans at AT&T and Verizon today; I must say that even though AT&T is more expensive, Android is terrible. I love Windows Phone 7 and Zune, but HP is going all out and utilizing all of their partnerships to offer everything Windows Phone 7 offers. I had a Palm Pre and LOVED it, but I had to get an EVO 4G in October. I cannot say enough that Android is NOTHING like webOS. After switching from webOS to Android, I've been spoiled and absolutely hate my phone. I cannot stand Android anymore and must get a webOS device for my next phone. Even if it costs me a bit more, it's worth it if my phone doesn't crash or give me problems all the time.

I was writing in my blog with the tumblr app and when I hit submit, it crashed and all of it was gone. This happens on a daily basis with different apps. Not only that, but there are just so many issues with Android.

I played with the Veer 4G at Best Buy today and absolutely fell in love again. It was so quick and so intuitive and the hardware was superb. The phone was rock solid and only made me want the Pre 3 even more. It was so much faster than my EVO (even though it has slower hardware) and so much faster. I can't get another Android device.

Sprint, I promise you I will switch if we do not get a webOS device by the end of the year. Switching away from my EVO is worth the money. Please listen because webOS has 2% market share as of today. Windows Phone 7 has 1% and I'm sure you're carrying more of those devices. You already have a new Windows Phone 7 device. To not carry a new webOS phone being owned by one of the world's largest companies and most dominant in the computer industry is a foolish business decision and you will out on a lot of business and a lot of money down the road. WebOS market share can only increase, not decrease with the slew of devices being released. HPalm is a different company now and again, it would be foolish to not want to carry one of their devices. Saving $20 a month is not worth being unhappy with what I own. I should be able to select from all operating systems on my carrier (the Pixi is not a phone targeted towards my demographic and is two years old).


Re: Palm/HP Pre 3 and Veer

Wow, I really feel the sentiment here, when I read about Sprint & HP not working together I got a little sad.  I hope before you guys go, you take the time to email these sprint executives exactly what you posted here.  I don't think Sprint can afford to lose its entire webos community.

[Edited by SarahKS] Posting personal contact information is a violation of the Community guidelines.


Palm/HP Pre 3 and Veer

Thanks for posting those email addresses Geministyle16, I wrote them all today (Sunday) and almost immediately got a response from Bob Johnson saying he would have a team member call me soon.  We'll see.  It wasn't a form reply because it referenced some things I said and commented on them.

I'll post whatever replies I get.


Palm/HP Pre 3 and Veer

you're welcome Corwin SR.  I just recieved a phone call from Mondrell at Sprint & I told him about my concerns about the Pre 3, that I did NOT like the android or iphone platforms & that I predicted that since the majority of webos loyalist are still with sprint, sprint would most likely LOSE their business if the Pre 3 is not offered.  He told me that they had been getting plenty of calls regarding the Pre 3, and even though he didn't know anything concrete, it wasn't a matter of if, but when...  I take all of this with a grain of salt, but he did advice me that he would forward my concerns about the Pre 3 to the appropriate department. 


Re: Palm/HP Pre 3 and Veer

You have to realize that all of these "reports" are just  regurgitations of what was posted on "thisismynext". None of them have  any official word or significant facts to back up their claim. What I've  heard from people who have contacted [...]as recently as  TODAY is this "we don't have any specifics on when we will be carrying  the Pre 3. However, we are seeing signficant interest and we are passing  that information on to marketing team." That's clearly NOT a "no we've  chosen not to carry it." The other thing I've heard directly is  (paraphrased) "It's tricky. We're not allowed to talk about webOS right  now. So I cannot confirm nor deny future webOS phones..." which is  likewise clearly NOT a "no we've chosen not to carry it."

You can take this information as:

"Sprint is holding off on an announcement in an attempt to convert as many users to Android as possible."

"Sprint is holding off on an announcement because it NEVER announces phones it's NOT going to carry."

"Sprint is holding off on an announcement in an attempt to force HP to agree to better terms."

"Sprint is holding off on an announcement until HP decides upon final hardware for the Pre3 (WiMax vs. LTE)" (hinted at by the recent removal of technical specs from the HP Pre3 web pages.)

It depends on if you are a glass half empty or half full person.  Take your pick or realize that it might be a mix of all of the above.  Note that none of the other carriers have made an official statement  either. We're simply relying on rumor and half-baked analysis of  hearsay. So the only real choices are:

1) vote by e-mailing [...]and encourage other Sprint  customers  and even non-customers to petition for more phone choices on  Sprint.

2) vote with your pocket book and get a webOS phone on AT&T or Verizon

3) wait patiently

4) give up and move to Android

Message was edited by: mapesy, who removed email address as per community guidelines.


Palm/HP Pre 3 and Veer

I just received a phone call as well from someone named Peggy who apparently is an executive there. Anyway, I was ecstatic that they called and showed interest in what I had to say. They said that many people had been called about wanting a future webOS device and said that she cannot say anything that has not been announced since it is obviously not meant to be public, but she said that she hoped to make me happy by the end of the year with a new webOS device. Heres to hoping! She also took a few notes of some things I had to say and asked me a few questions and apparently forwarded what I had said on the phone to Dan Hesse and others.

Actually, she was surprised to hear that I hated the EVO considering it was their highest rated phone; I further explained.

Hopefully, we get the Pre 3. Everyone please e-mail, because it does work.


Re: Palm/HP Pre 3 and Veer

Finally broke down and wrote to some folks at Sprint...

As one of the early adopters when Sprint released the Palm Pre as a 6 month exclusive, I've incorporated that original Pre into many of my day-to-day functions, and come to enjoy the WebOS operating system.

When the Palm Pre Plus came out, I was a bit disappointed that Sprint didn't pick it up, but even though it was an improvement, it wasn't that big a  jump.

When the Palm Pre 2 came out, I was very disappointed that Sprint didn't pick it up, as it was a large improvement and would offer those of us with original Palm Pres a device to migrate to when we needed.

Instead Sprint discontinued the original Pre and did not offer ANY upgrade path.

Hewlett-Packard, Palm's new owner has announced two new smartphones, the Veer and the Palm 3.

The Veer is essentially a mini-Pre 2, and the Pre 3 is a large step forward in top-of-the-line WebOS smartphones.

There has been a lot of discussion in many forums, including Sprint's own Community Forums, from current WebOS device users anxiously awaiting the Pre 3. Many of us have pleaded with both HP and Sprint to get the Pre 3 on Sprint plans so we would not have to move to another carrier to get it, but so far, there has been no response where it counts: From Sprint.

Each smartphone operating system these days is unique, and those of us using WebOS want to continue using WebOS. *

Sprint needs to step up and say something - either that they hope to carry the next top-of-the-line WebOS smartphones or they don't. We don't need a firm date, we don't need a price, we don't need any details other than yes you will carry a WebOS device we can upgrade to or you won't.

If you won't, we are at least hoping that Sprint will allow us to buy a CDMA Pre 3 direct from HP (no subsidy) and turn it up on our Sprint plans. We need to upgrade from our aging Pres, and we really hope to be able to do it at our carrier of choice, Sprint.

Either way, we will replace our old Palm Pres, but we need information to be able to plan ahead.

So, will Sprint be carrying the next top-shelf WebOS smartphone or not?

Thank you,


(253) 282-XXXX

University Place, WA

* Complex Operating Systems such as WebOS are each unique, as are some of the functions, applications, and accessories associated with each, cellular networks, however, are not. Moving from one cellular carrier to another, so long as there is coverage where needed, is much easier and more practical in most cases than is changing operating systems.

We'll eventually see what happens.



Re: Palm/HP Pre 3 and Veer

Nice eMail Tom.  Best of luck in a worthwhile response!! 


Re: Palm/HP Pre 3 and Veer

More bad news:

My wishful optimism about the Pre 3 coming to Sprint has pretty much died.  This sucks, because I think Sprint is a good company and I think this is a bad business decision.  WebOS is a great OS--the BEST mobile OS out there.  I understand that the original Pre did not sell as well as Sprint had hoped, but that should be blamed on (1) Palm's early hardware issues and (2) Sprint's worst marketing campaign of all time (seriously, the commercials with the robotic-looking naked girl were just plain creepy).  I really think if WebOS goes to ATT and VZW, then it has a chance to eventually overtake Android and iOS.  And then Dan Hesse will get his golden parachute when Sprint gets acquired by VZW. 

Long live WebOS.  Sayonara Sprint.


Re: Palm/HP Pre 3 and Veer

This is nuts. If HP can come to a deal with AT&T and Verizon there is no reason it can not come to a deal with Sprint.

I am still waiting till September. But chances are I will be gone gone gone!


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