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Palm/HP Pre 3 and Veer

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Palm/HP Pre 3 and Veer

Well, the next question is obviously "Will Sprint be carrying the Palm/HP Pre 3 and/or Veer?"

My Palm Pre minus is reaching physical retirement age, and while I really, really like the WebOS operating system, and the way it works, the fragile delicacy of the original Pre minus is a negative.

The Pre Plus was a slight bit better mechanically, and the Pre 2 quite a bit better, though both were still just variants on the original Palm Pre minus introduced by Sprint.

So far, other than introducing the much lower level device, the Palm Pixi, Sprint has resisted offering any of the newer incarnations of the top end WebOS devices, the Pre Plus or Pre 2.

Now that HP has introduced the next generation Pre 3 and Veer, Sprint once again has the opportunity to prove to their customers who are dedicated WebOS users that they have not been abandoned.

So, Sprint, will you be offering us the new WebOS devices or do we need to go elsewhere for them?

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I've been asked by Tomas, the originator of the this thread, to close it now. 



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