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Palm Per


Palm Per

I'm a Sprint customer of 3 years and in March of last year I was sold your highly recommended "palm per". It has been nothing short of a disaster for me. I've swooped this phone out now a total of about 6 times. And today I've had to swoop it out twice in less than a week. You representative, told that their was nothing that he could do but sell me another phone, because he noticed that I was due for another upgrade next month. He also advised me that the palm was on of your worst phones and that you've been having a lot of complains and returns as it relates to your "Palm Pre". After returning the phone twice in less than a week. I thought I've had it with this phone, so store representative advised me to call your retention department. I spoke with someone by the name of Travis X104040539. And he advised me that the only thing that he could do was to speed up my upgrade so that I could buy another phone sooner or he could swoop of what I currently have for your "Motorola 8330", which is a lower grade phone than the "palm per" and the he could speed up the upgrade so that I would be able to purchase a new phone sooner, or because I had the insurance had would be able to swap out phones when ever I had a problem.

  Here's the problem I currently see as a customer with Spirnt; everyone that I spoke with was not concerned about me as a customer, but they were more concern about selling me another phone then trying to fix the problem that I was currently having. I know that your in the business of selling phone but at some point this company my need to consider putting customer service first and be so concern about selling phones and upgrades to your loyal customer. Our you'll soon find loyal customers like myself moving to a more customer oriented company.


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