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Palm Pixi keeps shutting itself off...


Palm Pixi keeps shutting itself off...

After I took the cover off my phone earlier my Pixi shut itself down, I didn't take the battery out or hit the power button. I have tried taking the battery out and restarting my Pixi and sometimes it comes on and other times I get a screen with the picture of a big ? in the middle of a big battery and even when it comes on it shortly shuts itself off again...I have tried manually restarting the phone and also tried completely shutting it down and letting it set for a minute then try again and not even plugging it in has helped...does anyone know something I havent tried?


Re: Palm Pixi keeps shutting itself off...

Sounds like a issue with the software on your phone.  Phone needs to be reset and to do that go into device info icon then to reset options and chose full erase.  Once phone comes back up you can sign back into your palm profile.  The full erase will delete media files from phone and are not stored on the palm profile so you will need to back that up to your pc to save those items before you do the reset.  If you are still having same issue after the reset then you need to take the phone to nearest service and repair center.  If you have TEP then there is no charge to look at the phone and if you do not then there is a $35 non-refundable fee.  I hope this helps

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