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Palm Pixi screen cracked


Palm Pixi screen cracked

My screen cracked. I'm not really sure how, I think I layed on it. My mom doesn't wanna buy me a whole new phone because my upgrade isn't until february. So, if I take it into a Sprint or Allstar Wireless store, will they be able to replace the screen? Will they do it for free? Or would I have to get a replacement phone?


Palm Pixi screen cracked

If you have TEP, then there would be a 100 dollar deductible and you can file a claim at or call Asurion: (800) 584-3666.

If you don't have TEP, you can shop for any refurbished device here at click on shop and filter the results by refurbished.  If you do this, you can pay a discounted rate, have a 30 day warranty, and free overnight shipping, and not renew your contract.


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