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Palm Pre 2 and Plus both work on Sprint. Get yours today because Sprint will never sell you anything better


Palm Pre 2 and Plus both work on Sprint. Get yours today because Sprint will never sell you anything better

It is now possible to either yourself, or through services like this it is possible and somewhat easy to convert an ATT or Verizon Pre Plus and Pre 2 to a Sprint compatible phone by using the communication chip from your current Pre. This is a stretch for some people but a lot of WebOS diehard fans I think will at least contemplate how tempting this is.

If you go to WebOS's wiki page, you will see that next to version 2.0, the description reads "many webOS phones used by consumers currently still use 1.4.0 or 1.4.5 and may be left on those versions indefinitely." Thats a little heads up I think to Sprint users that says it didnt happen last spring, its probably never going to happen.

We have a right as consumers of the products we buy to not let ourselves be bound the limitations set on devices purposefully when further potential can be reached.

Being a Sprint Pre customer, I've never even looked up the specs of the Pre 2 or Plus because I knew Sprint was %%%ing us over the more they delayed the flash update, and I wouldn't even have the option so why tease myself? Well guys, just for informative purposes, the Pre 2 has these upgades compared to the original Pre:

1 GHz processor, 512MB RAM, a 5-megapixel camera and includes Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta, an updated version of Facebook with chat, and more durable hardware including a gorilla glass screen

Being the ones who introduced the phone and its OS, I expect that they at least stick to providing their die hard fans with options to stay current with the development of further pre phones and its WebOS. Unfortunatly I don't see this happening and if Sprint doesn't like a Pre 2 on their network, then i'll switch. But I personally love what sprint does for cell phone users when so many other companies have no respect or fairness for the prices and features they offer. So Sprint, please dont be upset when I hack a phone to work on your network because i'm only trying to make up for your mistakes.


Palm Pre 2 and Plus both work on Sprint. Get yours today because Sprint will never sell you anything better

Oh and might I add that it is proof to great engineering that a GSM phone can be made CDMA, I've never heard of it before and all it takes is a script to fix the software issues from this. WebOS is an outstanding, well-designed software by all standards, when things like patches, themes, tweaks, re-flashing firmware, and even changing services are all possible, encouraged, and done so by countless amateur fans who devote their spare time to improve the product they feel has given to them so much in such a way that they feel the urge to contribute themselves in whatever way. Android and Apple both work hard to keep their systems closed and most definitly do not encourage and in fact punish those who try to tweak, patch, theme, reflash firmware, and ESPECIALLY change service. Do business with good businesses, not the ones who use money, monopoly, and mind-control as a way to stay ahead, because they dont give a s$% about how you feel when they're making billions a year.

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