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Palm Pre App Situation Approaching Ridiculous


Re: Palm Pre App Situation Approaching Ridiculous

I keep hearing the comparison about "Apple didn't have an app store when they launched the iPhone" and I wonder what people are thinking when they say it.  It really doesn't matter what they had back when.  The reality is that Sprint and Palm have to compete against what is there now.  The success or failure will be measured by the current market, not by comparing to what was 3 years ago.  Technology moves to fast for that.

Palm and Sprint need things to change, and change quickly.  All this long, drawn out "beta" test of a new operating system for the phone does is work the bugs out for Verizon (the same way, I might add, Hesse noted that Sprint waited on T-Mobile to work out the bugs of the Android OS).  Sprint needs something revolutionary, yet all I see them doing is playing catch up.  Hey its great that someone wrote a homebrew lightsaber app, but the iPhone version is better (more polished, etc.).  Apple will enjoy a huge advantage in an app store with all sorts of esoteric applications.  If all Sprint does is copy the major apps, feature for feature, then they are still at a disadvantage.

Granted the Pre was only out 3 weeks to affect the quarter's results and maybe that will change next quarter.  Keep in mind that Apple reported device sales along on their opening weekend of the iPhone 3GS that were significantly more than the number of customers Sprint lost in the quarter.  I realize that was worldwide and the exact numbers aren't available, but there is a huge difference in volume happening.  I hope that Palm gets their act together on manufacturing and gets more devices out the door in a hurry (and open it up to advantage club members soon!).

Disclaimer:  I was a Sprint employee for 14+ years in IT until this past March when I was laid off.  I don't own a Pre (yet) and don't own an Apple device at all.


Re: Palm Pre App Situation Approaching Ridiculous

I am a Palm Pre user, before this model came out, I was a happy HTC Pro user.  I didn't believe that the Pre could do more than a Windows Mobile phone can do.  After using the Palm Pre, I cannot go back to any other phone that does less than the Pre.  The Windows Mobile phone does everything, and plays anything.  The Pre does have its limitations and it took me a little while to get the hang of it.  Sure the Pre doesn't do many things it is supposed to do, but it does more far than any other phone do.  The iphone is indeed a fantastic phone, it does have the perfect features many phones lacks.  The response is flawless, but it does have its limitations.  Put aside the apps, and what do you have?? good phone, average internet speed, fantastic mp3 player.  I go online in my pre and use the music player, while I check my text and email on the side.  Can the iphone do that?? well, NO!  Iphone users were amazed how great the Pre worked and wanted the multiple cards into their iphones.  Sad to see it, but they wanted the iphone and they get what they wanted.  My friend went to get the iphone because he likes it.  I support him, but how much more will he pay monthly??  After his craze for the iphone is out of his system, he will feel the pain in the bill.  When I see people with their iphones, i wonder how much they are paying and how many apps do you really use daily.  It looks stupid how people just want one thing while they overlook why they own the Pre.  I have downloaded all the apps in my Pre, but I don't really use them.  The only things I use is the web, phone, calendar, facebook, camera and gps.  Those are the primary things one use.  The Iphone looks pretty big to carry in the pocket.  Guess what? Lose the iphone and you are screwed, because you have to pay full price for another, and with Sprint Asurion you pay only 100.00 deductible.  Pay 7 bucks times 12 months is equal 84 dollars per year.  Lose it once in two years and pay the deductible, and still you come up winning.  So future iphone users, better staple that iphone to yourself because if you lose it, be willing to pay 550 dollars for another.


Re: Palm Pre App Situation Approaching Ridiculous

To say that everyone is berating the Pre due to Apple’s apps and capabilities is nuts.

I’m complaining because even a non smart phone allows, videos, chats, ringers, voice activation and on. We don’t even have the capabilities to use MSN nor yahoo chat for gods sake. Major players in the game. For this kind of money I expect at the very least some functionality. Everyone even the commercials say this phone is 200 what a crock. I had to pay over 500.

Also, the Pre didn’t just appear. It was being designed and while it was being designed Palm could have been working on partners for apps. No, there is no need for us all to be waiting for new apps. It’s by Palms choice. Their vendetta with Apple and their rush to shove it in Apples face is what caused all this.

I don’t care about Apple or the drama between the two parties. I care that Palm created a phone with limited functionality that isn’t even up to par with most standard phones and now I have to wait for apps that I may have to pay for just to get what’s standard everywhere else.

We can all pretend its new, we can all pretend its not their fault but it’s not flying with me.

When you market a new phone you should have all the glitz and glam ready to go. They rushed this phone and it’s caused us all to suffer. By rushing we are left with a mediocre phone instead of an amazing one.

Every company has a choice. Palm made theirs and I feel they really dropped the ball. I don’t care that apps are on the way I only care that its been represented as more via commercials, ads and hype touting how grand it is when in fact it really isn’t. In the mean time here I sit waiting for basic functionally forget any glam or extra toys. I’d settle for basic functions.

The Pre may in the end prevail but for now…..the hype is not warranted. I’ll save my happy face for when Palm gets it together.


Re: Palm Pre App Situation Approaching Ridiculous

Sounds like maybe you bought the wrong phone for your needs.

To think WebOS at launch should be as mature as WinMo, BBOS or iOSX when they've had a several years headstart is just not logical thinking. Features like voice dialing, changing alert tones, VVM (hopefully) will come in later updates.

Somehow the iPhone launched with ZERO apps and survived for a year before any were available even when WinMO and BBOS already had 10's of thousands of apps at the time. It amazes me people continue to overlook this. To say Palm should have sat on WebOS until they had waited for hundreds or thousands of apps to be developed for launch isn't logical thinking. No company can do that, not even the mighty Apple.

But why didn't they allow developers access to the SDK for the 6 months since they announced the Pre, you ask? Because there wasn't one! You can't write the SDK until the OS is finished! This isn't a hard concept to grasp.

The Pre wasn't rushed to market because of a feud or any hard feelings Palm has with Apple. The Pre was rushed to launch in the first week of June because Apple was making an announcement of the next gen iPhone. This is simple marketing.

Unless this is your second cell phone ever, you should be fully aware of price restrictions on purchasing a new phone. You know full well you have to pay over $200 if you don't qualify for special pricing.

If you don't have the patience to allow a new major OS to develop then you shouldn't be buying the Pre, unless the Pre suits your current needs.


Re: Palm Pre App Situation Approaching Ridiculous

Actually, I don't recall asking you anything. I think you're rude and you presume quite a bit. Perhaps you shouldn't post to others until you can refarin from insulting their intelligence and making wise comments. It doesn't make you look very good and no,*Looks at you* You can't push me around. Go try that on on some weak minded person. This isn't a school yard and you ain't no bully. LOL

The phone was available June 6th

The sdk was available to those wishing to create apps July 15th. That doesn’t mean Palm didn’t share it with those they wished to partner with such as the apps we currently have prior to the 15th. They did have the sdk. They simply weren’t ready to share with outside sources.

“Nine days before the Pre launched, Pre’s App Catalog went live with 4 apps (Classic, Sudoku, Today Show, and Where). By launch day it had grown to 18 apps total, says Medialets, and now stands at 30.”

“In the fall” they will be accepting applications for new apps. Dragging it out for those of us who bought and are now waiting for apps.

It’s not just me that feels this way. The media has touted over and over Palms lack of interest in making sure apps are created. They rushed this product period. Telling a paying customer that they can’t feel let down is silly. People can feel any way they want. This phone could have been held off until it had more going for it. And for 500 dollars yhea…I can pretty much complain all I want with out being trolled. As I recall this thread was started to talk over the lack of apps not being told how to think or feel. *Looks up notes thread title…hummmmmm*

Why Palm to go with a soft launch isn’t really known, but I’m guessing it has something to do with its current cash crunch.”

I agree it was a clever marketing scheme. However the complaints pouring in show it was only good for palm and not the customers. Its okay for those who feel this is a god among phones…but not everyone needs to feel that way. I don’t.

As I said…perhaps in a year or two this will be a phone worth bragging about…..?

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: Palm Pre App Situation Approaching Ridiculous


Darkangel - please refrain from engaging in personal attacks.


Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Re: Palm Pre App Situation Approaching Ridiculous

@Dark Angel

My bad. Keep on keeping on.


Re: Palm Pre App Situation Approaching Ridiculous

darkangel wrote:

'As I said…perhaps in a year or two this will be a phone worth bragging about…..?'

Hopefully much sooner!


Re: Palm Pre App Situation Approaching Ridiculous

Palm App Catalog = 32

Precentral Homebrew Apps = 114







Re: Palm Pre App Situation Approaching Ridiculous

I'm just happy it's got this many more apps already than the Instinct ever had. 

But this is no Instinct, a phone I enjoyed despite there being an app contest that disappointingly never materialized into anything. I feel the Pre will be far more accepted by app developers universally as a new alternative to the other smart phones.

Not to mention the fact Adobe Flash compatibility, with all it's games, is projected to be added at the end of the year.


Re: Palm Pre App Situation Approaching Ridiculous


You shouldn't apologize to dark...I re-read your post, and there was not a single personal attack.  Yet s/he got personal with you.  I just can't stand the hypocricy...people say that you can't compare the Pre to the iPhone b/c apps have been around for a while now...yet the very basis of their argument is a comparison between the Pre and the iPhone.  Huh?  Make up your minds, people.


BTW, dark...after the last update, there is MSN and Yahoo! messenger compatibility through one of the menus in the Sprint icon (I'll let you figure it out so you don't think I'm insulting your intelligence by telling you).  I believe that the only other "basic functionalities" you mentioned are video and...well...too few others to waste time going back to your message.

Since you want "comparisons," let's look at an "apples-to-apples" (no pun intended) comparison.  Let's look back to see what "basic functionalities" were missing from the iPhone in its initial release.  Did it have multi-tasking?  No. How about universal search?  No. Wait!  Maybe it had picture forwarding through SMS!  No.  Hmm.  Memos...did it have memo forwarding to email?  No.  Did it have 32 applications?  Nope.  Not that, either (it had zero).

This phone IS missing a couple of things that I like (text forwarding), but - overall - it started ahead of the game.  However, to speak bluntly, I don't feel the need to write paragraphs of complaints just because I can't forward text messages, or because I can't get my jollies if I can't program my own text notification sound.  Really.

You should try posting what the phone needs (positive) instead of whining about the things it doesn't have (negative).  Okay, pumpkin?


Sorry...I just get fed up with all of the negativity, and this person was out of line with sweetgreggo.

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Re: Palm Pre App Situation Approaching Ridiculous

Hi, When you say support for MSN and Yahoo Messenger what exactly do you mean? Do you mean that it will allow me to use that service to IM people in my buddy list for that application or something else? The reason I ask is becuase I use MSN as my main form of IM and have a lot of friends on it, when I bought my PRE (which so far have been extremely happy with) I thought that it supported MSN.

I can sallow my pride and admit I need a little help here when it comes to locating how to make this sync up with my MSN Messanger account. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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