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Palm Pre Dropping Calls


Palm Pre Dropping Calls

Ever since I got a palm pre upgrade, the phone has been constantly dropping calls.

I got 3 replacement phones but the drop calls still persist.

I followed protocol and did the updates, took it to sprint repair shop and over the phone technical support.

Is anyone witnessing this problem???


Re: Palm Pre Dropping Calls

I have a dropped call on 4 out of 5 calls I make on my phone at this point.  I have had it since it came out and this phone has been the biggest disaster I have ever come across.  Between the inability to hold a call, lack of GPS being able to tell where we are, speakers failing on 3 phones, and loss of data network every other week requiring a reset or complete wipe of the phone,  I think I am going to be happy to be done with this thing in the next few days.

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