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Palm Pre Mobile Hotspot, Problems, Frustration


Palm Pre Mobile Hotspot, Problems, Frustration

Scrolling through the built in user guide on my phone I found instructions on how to enable the Palm Mobile Hotspot. Needless to say, I couldn't enable the hotspot because the app is not in the Sprint/ Palm App catalog. I called sprint to see what was going on and was basically told that they don't support any hotspot phone combos other than the Evo. While Evo is nice, I prefer to have an iPhone(I just don’t care for Android). Why won't Sprint support the Palm Mobile hotspot app? Verizon does, and for free!

I am now on my third Palm Pre and most times I want to through it out the window, finding out that that I could enable my phone as a hotspot really made me consider staying with sprint beyond my two year agreement. Unfortunately, I'm stuck dealing with this finicky phone for another however many months until my contract expires. The phone has tons of bugs like the volume graphic getting stuck on the screen, still no flash( it’s been almost a year) websites/blogs no longer load correctly, the app store is a joke(can we get something useful like job compass or a good metro map with real time arrivals) and the music player is awful it gets stuck all the time (not good if you are in the middle of a work out).


Alexandria, VA

Sprint user For 7 years

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