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Palm Pre and GPS


Palm Pre and GPS

I had a difficult time with the Palm Pre and using the Sprint Navigator yesterday.

I had to drive to the 'local' repair center in San Francisco (1.5 hours one way) to upgrade our Samsung Moment firmware.  This is another story...

Anyway, we had the Sprint Navigator running on a Palm Pre and on on the Samsung Moment.  The Palm Pre kept on stating it had weak GPS signal.  This was even when we were not in the city  We didn't pay too much attention to this and relied on the Samsung Moment to get us to the repair center.

Since both Moments were upgraded, we only had the Pre.  We attempted to use this to get to another destination in San Francisco.  In the end, we gave up!

The Pre had us moving when we were not.  It had us on the wrong roads.  We went around in circles.  Again, it was complaining about a weak GPS signal.

We ended up using Google Maps to provide us with directions to the destination.

We again tried to use the Sprint Navigator on the Pre to get us back to the repair center to pick up the phones.  Again, there were issues and it could not be used.

Since we were back at the repair center, we asked them to look at it.  45 minutes later they said that they could not find a problem and could not help any further.

We attempted to use the Pre to get us back home but it did not work.

I troubleshooted this while we were back at home, out in the middle of the street with a clear view of the sky...

- Google maps showed us we were 1/2 to one mile away from our current location

- The location toggled between two different areas

- The radius was quite large, meaning it probably was a network based location rather than GPS

- I think there are cell towers at these locations

- I tried to change the GPS settings but this did not do anything, except when I had both Network and GPS disabled then of course I could not get my current location

- I enabled GPS only and disabled the Network.  I could not get my location.

- I powered off the device competely and turned it back on

- Google maps now showed I was at my location +/50 feet

- The radius was small showing I was using the GPS

- Sprint Navigator worked great this morning

The above makes me think this is a software issue.  So I have less than 8 hours before I can return the Pre for another one.  Are others having the same problems?

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Re: Palm Pre and GPS

i have the exact same problem and no clue of what to do...


Re: Palm Pre and GPS

I have this problem also, and it's a constant irritant. If you've ever been to Atlanta, you know that the city wasn't built on a grid system and there are umpteen Peachtreesomething streets so I was very excited to have navigation on the Pre. That being said, after owning it since July '09, I rarely have a chance to use it. It rarely works. I have driven from Kennesaw to Atlanta (40 miles) and the entire way it repeatedly told me "Your GPS signal is weak". A clear view of the sky and even holding the Pre out the window did nothing to resolve the issue. I also toggled the GPS and network settings, restarted the phone, etc. with no luck.


Re: Palm Pre and GPS

same issues here.  gps rarely works.  it's nice when it does, but it doesn't work reliably enough to actually depend on it.  Always a good idea to print some directions if you really need to be somewhere on which case why am i paying extra for gps?

probably related to the same reason the palm pre signal fluctuates wildly, often moving to roaming or losing signal entirely, even though the sprint map shows me almost dead center in an area of "best" signal coverage.  (the same map shows an actual sprint tower dead center in the middle of an area with medium and fair coverage....???)

I've been through multiple palm pre's and they have all had the same problem.


Re: Palm Pre and GPS

I've been having the same issues with GPS lately and I'm wondering if it is worth having the Sprint store look at it. Sadly, from the posts on this thread, it sounds like they won't be able to help either.

My GPS is basically useless... sometimes I can get a positon pretty quick, but the signal drops quickly in Sprint Nav and google maps.  I tried a geocaching app and that was pointless... outdoors, no trees, clear view of the sky and my Pre was not able to get a GPS fix.  grrrr.

I guess my question would be: does anyone have a Pre with reliable GPS?


Re: Palm Pre and GPS

Mine is OK.  Try going to and search the Pre forums.  Good luck!

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