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Palm Pre and Pixi for Newbies

Sprint Product Ambassador

Palm Pre and Pixi for Newbies

Dan Ramirez, author of the Totally Palmed blog has gathered up a set of 10 videos showing the very basic use and howto's for the Palm Pre and  Pixi.  Great collection of videos for the beginning WebOS user!

1)  Very basic overview of the Pre, courtesy of Sprint
2)  Basic tutorial on using the Palm Pre with gestures
3)  Basic tutorial on setting up and using email
4)  Basic tutorial on setting up calendars and contacts
5)  Basic Messaging/IM Tutorial
6)  How do I... move my cursor around and highlight text?
7)  How do I... COPY/PASTE?
😎  How do I... remove the back cover to switch out the battery?
9)  How do I... make a conference call on the Palm Pre?
10) How do I... learn everything ELSE there is to know about the Palm Pre?

See the whole set of videos at Totally Palmed:

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee
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