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Palm Treo Pro


Palm Treo Pro

I have the Palm Treo Pro... not pleased at all... constantly locks up, and i have to take the battery out.

phone stopped ringing I had to take to the Sprint store they have to reset the phone in order for it to start back ringing

my next phone will be a blackberry


Re: Palm Treo Pro

Just recently purchased a Treo Pro... luv it! The phone has behaved perfectly, gmails push email working great, has never frozen up, opera mini installed as default browser works great, very good call quality... and the way the phone gets turned off (it actually doesn't!), while bizarre at first, has proven to be very cool with virtually no battery drain!

Personally don't like the look of BB's, too wide, and don't want to pay for BIS...

Good Luck with Your Choise! I'm happy with mine



Re: Palm Treo Pro

I'm having the same issue! this phone is crap... for as long as they have been making pda devices you would think they would get their sh*t together... this phone always freezes! Sometimes I am unable to unlock it, sometimes I can't cancel a call... I'm constantly taking the battery out... I should have went with the Blackberry as well

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