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Palm pre verses Blackberry Curve


Palm pre verses Blackberry Curve

Ok, here I am always had TREO phones. Many issues and each one since the 600 700 755 800 were all a waste of money. Issues with crashing slow performance over sized but they did what NI wanted them to do when they DID work correctly. Just not efficient enough to my standard expecations. So I got the Palm pre. I own a business. I thought this thing would do what I wanted it to do. With all of the cheap phones out there the simple things standard on a cheap phone are NOT available for the PRE.

I know there are alot of apps to come out but I have been waiting and cant wait any more. The key features I do like about the pre is the fact of the screen size and it is touch screen on a faster network. There are fewer things I like about the phone than do. If it worked perfect and had Video... OMG such a simple thing... VIDEO>>> my nieces micky mouse cell phone has video that would be an improvement. AS far as business I needed it to open and view MS Docs and it does not work effectively enough to do so. DOC VIZ Fails time after time.  Then there is the fact that it has no Yahoo MEssenger... wtf?? I NEED THIS APP! The keys suck to type on and texting and driving is impossible. I dont recommend any one to text and drive but it is not illegal yet so I do it on a phone that I can hold up above the steering wheel and watch the road while I text. My treo 800 was awesome for this and it had yahoo messenger and would open apps.

I avoided the curve because I hate the little mouse in the middle of the keyboard but I am seriously considering the change. I work business apps and run messenger and make calls and take pics and videos and need a storage card. This Palm Pre blows. By the time all of the apps are out the phone will be obsolete. I cant hear when people send text messages I miss them and they are important. I do like the layout on the phone and the touch screen is cool and the fact I can turn it sideways to view web pages is awesome but I am gonna get a Curve if I dont get the apps I need soon,.

Anyone know of software that is available for the curve that you can open/edit/create new MS Word and Excel docs in? thats my only hang up so far.


Re: Palm pre verses Blackberry Curve

Go here to check out Blackberry App world.

You can get software to view/edit Microsoft Office documents.

Do keep in mind that the Blackberry devices cannot produce the same kind of web browsing experience you can get on your Palm Pre. However they are compatible with Opera Mini - which at least would let you view full HTML webpages.

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