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Picture and Video Messaging with Palm Pixi


Picture and Video Messaging with Palm Pixi

I recently received my Palm Pixi and overall, I really like it.  I'm a bit confused, however, about MMS and how it works.  I tried to attach photos and videos to SMS messages to send out and no one receives them, Sprint customer or otherwise.  Nor can I receive picture or video texts, although this is included in my plan.

After four calls to customer service (which, frustratingly, is overseas) and several "resets" on my phone, as well as many transfers, still no resolution.  I finally contacted a different site with customer service for the Palm Pixi and was told, "Oh yeah, you just never activated your MMS."  Is this so?  How do I do this ?  How does the picture and video messaging work?

I would appreciate any help.


Re: Picture and Video Messaging with Palm Pixi

Did you activate your palm account? If not go to I think you will have to now go to a Palm support for more information on use of the Pixi, it is so new that Sprint might have trouble answering questions.

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