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Plans: Everything Plus / SERO clarifications


Re: Plans: Everything Plus / SERO clarifications

@sweet greggo wrote:

I really wouldn't expect Sprint to come right out and announce they are trying to kill off the SERO plans. I do understand why they are doing it though.

I've never had that plan, but if I did and I had to upgrade to an SEP on the purchase of a new phone I can't imagine I would be so upset with Sprint that I would feel like leaving. There are plenty of valid reasons for leaving Sprint, being forced out of a "too good to be true" plan to get the latest hardware isn't one of them, IMO.


As I stated in another post, my theory goes something like this:

Previous plans with "unlimited" data packages did not take into account a phone that could use so much data so quickly; streaming music with Pandora, Google Maps/Sprint Navigation, and much, much more to come. Even with tethering options, a good majority of users with these plans wouldn't use enough data to make the plan unprofitable (seriously, how often did you actually use your phone as a modem), and the monetary losses incurred by those that did were covered by the profit made on the rest.

With the advent of net-centric phones like the Pre (and Instinct? I'm not sure how much data it uses or how often), these phones are easily capable of making a SERO plan actually cost the company money. Of course, this isn't healthy for any business, so they implement the policy where if you want the new phone, you get the new plan; one that accounts for the phone's inherently heavy data consumption.

Of course, Sprint isn't going to come right out and say this, because the media will spin it that Sprint is being greedy or something (of course they might do it anyways, but I imagine it'll get less press without... ya know... a press release).

Sprint has done some things that have made me mad, but when I stop and think about it, I've heard people *bleep* about their cell phone companies no matter who they're with. If you want to look at it cynically, choosing cellular carriers is simply a matter of whether you prefer vaseline or KY when... ahem. Anyways, all the carriers do stupid things in one way or other, and the hassle of changing carriers, getting new phones, and everything else generally isn't worth it when you realize they're all going to treat you pretty much the same. Me, I'm not quite THAT cynical... as much as Sprint has p*ed me off sometimes, they've also done a fair bit to take care of me when I raise a fuss (and have a point that doesn't directly contradict their policy).</p>


Re: Plans: Everything Plus / SERO clarifications

I just had a conversation at length with one the courtesy calls from Sprint (they call from the 866 number). I'm weighing the SERO vs. Everything Plus and the only difference is that the Everything Plus includes navigation (an easy $9.99 buy up for a SERO customer). That alone doesn't justify the 50% hike to go from 1250 minutes at 49.99 to 1000 minutes for 69.99.

I had initally thought an Simply Everything/Everything Plus customer gets Sprint TV and all subscriptions but that is not the case. You get the free subscriptions, but no channels. Can anyone confirm?


Re: Plans: Everything Plus / SERO clarifications

xxavxx wrote:


I've been in contact with customer service for the past 48 hours and everyone keeps telling me NO! I can't use Everything Plus on Palm Pre.

Message Edited by xxavxx on 06-23-2009 01:04 PM

They apparently missed all of the memos and information then. The Palm Pre will work with the Everything Plus plans perfectly fine.


Re: Plans: Everything Plus / SERO clarifications

When doing a return the device is automatically put back into the list for the warehouse, it just has to be physically sent back. So they would have to have a second Pre on hand to do the upgrade for your line that currently has the Moto Q on it after the return, they wouldn't be able to use the same handset.


Re: Plans: Everything Plus / SERO clarifications

Well if you have decided you want to keep the Pre, then I would just get on the list again and when that comes in return the other one you have at the same time, and you can still use your same Palm profile. If you aren't sure if you want to keep the Pre I'd wait. Otherwise there's no reason to wait though I would think.


Re: Plans: Everything Plus / SERO clarifications

Hi, I've been trying to do some middle of the night research on what exactly I can get with my SERO plan.  I'm such a newbie at this tech stuff, so bear with me.  I've been told I have unlimited data.  I chatted with a rep who told me SERO is compatible with the Samsung Reclaim and recommended it.  In browsing this forum, I've seen that the Diamond, Touch Pro 2 and HTC phone (is this the Hero phone?) are all compatible.  However, do those all work with my $30 a month SERO?

Is it that I do indeed have unlimited internet access but it's a slow version (edge?)?  Would I have to upgrade to 3G to make it internet access easy?  Faster?

Here's what we would like...reasonably fast (doesn't have to be instant, but convenient) internet connection (Facebook and email, mainly), unlimited texting and about 750 minutes each.

If we get something like the Reclaim, would we have to pay more for any extra features to make the phone work?  Or will it work from day one of activation since we have "unlimited data?"

My hubby wants an iPhone or Pre, but I'm not willing to pay $30 extra a month to have the iPhone and upgrading beyond a SERO plan is not affordable for us.  We are happy with $70 a month for two phones and as he's a high school teacher and I am a SAHM, we aren't going to be able to afford any $120 plans unless teachers start being paid more!    Sprint has every right to insist Pre owners pay more, but we can't make such a significant jump in our budget.  We are willing to settle for a less fancy phone but would like to have some of the social networking accessibility.

Any advice is much appreciated!


Re: Plans: Everything Plus / SERO clarifications

Your phone determines the connection speed, not the plan.  The phone specs on Sprint's website should mention the network the phone runs on. The fastest network right now is EVDO Rev A which most smartphones run on, I think.

As far as what phones are compatile with SERO, all are I think except for the Instinct line and the Pre. Sprint may have applied it to other phones, I'm not sure. When you order a phone online it should tell you whether your plan is acceptable for the phone or if you will have to switch.

Always remember, if you change your plan away from SERO, you will NOT be allowed to get it back, even if you try within the 30 day grace period. When you do sign a new contract, make sure the phone you are getting is 100% compatible with your plan.


Re: Plans: Everything Plus / SERO clarifications

Thanks, sweetgreggo!  Appreciate the help A BUNCH. 

When I try to upgrade online, I click on a phone and it says, "You may need to change your plan. To receive your rebate and maximize your phone's potential, you'll need to be on one of the following plans:

• Simply Everything® or Simply Everything Family
• Everything Data or Everything Data Family
• Business Essentials with Messaging and Data

If you aren't already on one of the plans above, you'll need the following add-on:

• Pro Pack

I don't understand why I'm given this message if these (ex. Treo, Touch Pro, etc.) work with SERO.  Is it because I need the Pro Pack?  I'm trying to google what the Pro Pack is.  And, don't I already have unlimited data under SERO?  Why would I need to change my plan?

Thanks for your patience and your help!


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