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Potential Sprint Customer


Potential Sprint Customer

I am a at&t customer with an iPhone and dealing with the at&t right now on tower issues that should be fixed.  That's a whole other story but depending on what happens I amy be looking to leave at&t sooner than I expected.

I like sprint's pricing but not any phones they have really besides maybe the Pre.  I haven't physically seen one yet but plan to go look at one.

Some questions I have after reading the forum and I know 1.2 update is coming.

Currently I use my iPhone with multple email accounts & IM accounts.  When at home or office I have wifi turned on to use that vs the cell data network.

How many email accounts can the Pre have?

What about IM accounts?  A screen shot I saw only showed AIM and Google.  What about Yahoo or MSN?

Any voice dial ability or app out or coming out?

How is the pinch / zoom and render time compared to the iPhone (for anyone that came from the iPhone)?

Has the app store for the Pre opened and is open to third party developers?

I also saw you could sync with iTunes which would be very nice but it's not working for version 9 right now.  When it did work no major issues syncing?

The Pre is stuck at 8 gigs with no memory expansion correct?  Any rumors of a Pre 2 coming out next summer (going along apples 1 year release on the iPhone)

I'm sure I have a ton more questions but I think those are the basics I can think of.

Thanks for answering any questions!


Re: Potential Sprint Customer

I don't know all the answers to your questions, but I think I can answer a few.

There doesn't seem to be a limit on number of email accounts. I have set up hotmail, yahoo, Exchange and Gmail at the same time without any problems.

The only IM that is available right now is Google and AIM, however I remember reading something where Palm is saying Yahoo! is on the way.

The browser is based on web kit (same as iPhone) and it works very well. Pinch zoom and rotation renders almost instantly.

The app store is still in Beta, but is rumored to be coming out with paid apps this month from several sources (just check out engadget or Pre Central). They have been releasing new apps almost weekly, but it should take off when developers can actually charge for their apps.

I used the iTunes sync before it was disabled with 9, and it worked just like any other iPod. I was able to sync up my pictures, songs and podcasts without any issues. You can also drag and drop using the USB mode, and sync it with other solutions like DoubleTwist or Missing Sync.  Pre Central has a good post on some alternative syncing methods.



Re: Potential Sprint Customer

I don't know of a hard limit on Email accounts either. I have my Exchange, two Gmail and Comcast setup on mine.

IM account at the moment it only has AIM and Google Talk. Palm has said Yahoo is on its way, and apparently you can get MSN working through Google Talk with some routing and such from what I've read over at PreCentral.net.

Voice dialing is not supported and there currently is no app, official, or homebrew. That doesn't mean there can't necessarily be one, or that there isn't one already. The App Catalog is still entirely free, there may be an app developed but they want to release it as a paid app only. At this point until there are paid apps we really don't know entirely what has been made.

I don't know about the pinch/zoom render time. For me it works fine but I haven't really used an iphone much.

The app store is open to developers now, but it is still only free apps. Not sure exactly when it will open up to paid apps, my totally uneducated guess is at or near the 1.2 launch.

Yeah Apple has been very picky about letting the Pre sync with iTunes. When it did work there were no issues for me or my coworkers. The only "issue" you may consider is if you have any songs that were purchased a while ago from iTunes that still have DRM on them the Pre can't  play those files. If they are standard MP3 or iTunes Plus AAC files it works perfectly though.

The Pre does come iwth 8GB of flash memory, and no SD slot to expand it. We don't have anything definitive about what's coming out next aside form the Pixi with 8GB as well.

Hopefully that answered some of your questions and helped.


Re: Potential Sprint Customer

Sprint gives you a 30 day return policy and one of the best rates around...before commiting yourself, see if the signal issue is any better on the Pre where you would use it most, and see if this phone is as just as comparable for your needs...

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