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Pre Texting Issue


Pre Texting Issue

My girlfriend just bought a samsung moment and now I can't text her from my palm pre. I HAVE downloaded and installed the new update. I can call her, email her, and use Yahoo messenger but no text.  I would just settle with yahoo messenger but it sucks the battery on my pre down. I would love to be able to text her again but just can't seem to figure it out. I thought I would post the question on here before going to the sprint store where they seem to know NOTHING about any of their phones. She uses Sprint and she can get texts from other people on her new phone. Thanks in advance for replying!


Re: Pre Texting Issue

I'm having the very same problem with my cousin who is a T Mobile user. Did you get it figure out, and if so, do you mind letting me know how to fix it?

Re: Pre Texting Issue

Might want to try a battery pull first, as this usually clears the phone's memory, and might help get text working correctly. I have no issues texting anyone on ANY network. If that doesn't help, then your next option would be to do an "Erase Apps & Data" reset, and see if that fixes the issue. This particular reset erases your installed apps(Apps will automatically redownload when u sign back into your Palm profile on startup), and information such as texts and call log, but your pics,videos, and music should be fine. If that doesn't fix it, then your last update might have had a problem, and as a LAST RESORT you might want to start with a fresh install of the webOS using webOS Doctor directly from Palm's website(this erases everything from your phone). You'll need your phone serial number found in Device Info to download it.

The Palm webOS Doctor page is found here >>> :

Good Luck.


Re: Pre Texting Issue

Thanks so much. I'll give those a try. I know the issue isn't the other carrier, becasue can text other TMobile users. It's just this one number that isn't working for me. I'll post the results later.

Re: Pre Texting Issue

Hmmm, if you can't text only ONE number, but can text others without problems, then you might want to try a couple things first:

1. Check that the number you are texting is the right one for the contact. Within the messaging app, under the person you are trying to text, hit the little button where it says TEXT as shown in red in the image, and a selection menu should pop up. Make sure the person's mobile number is the one selected there.


2. Check that the person you are texting hasn't blocked your number by accident(haven't seen this myself, but you never know)

3. Remove the contact information just for that person from your phone, restart the phone, then add the contact information again(could have been saved with errors).

Leave the phone erasing and reinstall of webOS as a final resort only!!


Re: Pre Texting Issue

Thanks so much,

After erasing my apps as suggested, I was able to text that number successfully, I was also able to sign into yahoo messenger, which I couldn't do either. It looks like I'm good to go!



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