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Pre discount options


Pre discount options

Ive been with Sprint for a year now so im not eligible to receive the full $350 discount. It seems to me the only options i have to save some cash is to either become a premiere memeber or cancel my acct and come back after 90 days. Cancelling wont be a problem since i can use another cell for a couple months but does becoming a premiere member become retroactive to the beginning of my contract allowing me to buy the $200 Pre instantly.


Re: Pre discount options

I'm fairly certain that "becoming" a Premier member is something you have no control over... so your only option would be to cancel and then sign a new contract.


Re: Pre discount options

If you add a new line to your account first and then cancel the old line, you shouldn't have to wait 90 days because you're opening a new line of service on the spot.

Second, their are no discounts for premier customers so you wouldn't save money that way either.

Third, one way to become a premier customer is to have a plan of $69.99 or higher. That's it. ________________________
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