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Rogue Pixi Behaviors


Rogue Pixi Behaviors

My wife has a Pixi (about 2 months) and from time to time (increasingly a regular occurance) it will seem to go into some rogue uninitiated behavior.  When you try and type something (text, email, search, anything) it will randomly take over and start typing an unintellible series of characters (ybbyYnb. . .) and then it will start to back-space erase the text including anything you've already legitimately typed.  It will also periodically, during a phone call, begin to enter text causing a frustraiting screaching that interupts your discussion.  I've tried to see if anyone else is experiencing anything remotely similar but haven't been succesful in seeing anyone else dealing with these issues.  Any suggestions?  We've applied all the updates and performed soft and hard resets to the phone, all with no lasting impact.

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