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Send a picture from your Palm phone using email


Some customers using Palm Centro 690, Palm Treo 650 and Palm Treo 700 smartphone are unable to send pictures after Sprint Picture Mail online account service was ended on April 30, 2012.  If you have an email account set up on your smartphone, we have a way for you to send images to your friends and family..

Do I have to have an email address to send from my phone?

Yes. If you have already set up an email address on your phone, you are all set.  If you haven't, go to your phone’s user guide here and follow the instruction to do so.

How can I send an email if I blocked data on my phone?

You will need to unblock data. To do this, go to My Preferences / All about my account / Limits and Permissions / Unblock/block data to unblock it or Chat with a Sprint Care representative using the Chat icon in the upper right-hand portion of your browser screen. In either case, you must be the account holder.

What do I need to do in order to email a picture instead of texting?

If you have your contact’s email address, compose and email and attach the picture. You can also view the picture and select to email it that way.  Enter the email address, for example: or select it from your contact list. Then, send the picture.

How do I send a picture to another wireless phone using email from my phone?

You will need to know what carrier your contact has in order to send a picture from your phone using an email account.  Enter your contact’s wireless cell phone number followed by one of the domains listed below, and then email/text the picture. You can also view the picture and select the option to email and enter the address that way.   Examples: or

Other Locate additional domain addresses here