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Shut Down WebOS Forum?


Shut Down WebOS Forum?

Sadly, it appears that if Sprint intends to continue offering WebOS devices, they have succeeded in hiding their plans from their customers. Whenever we try to pin them down, we hear only corporate doublespeak. The only WebOS device currently offered by Sprint is the Palm Pixi which is offered for free. I suspect they are just clearing out inventory.

The first conclusion I can draw from this is that Sprint is done with WebOS. We can only wonder when Sprint will shut down the WebOS forum. As the WebOS device users of Palm Pre- and Palm Pixi- are upgraded to other devices and as the Pre- and Pixi- fail, the WebOS user base will dwindle to virtually zero. We can only wonder when Sprint will shut down the WebOS Forum. In all likelihood, that will not happen for a while in order to accommodate the dwindling user base. 

This is all the info I could find on the HP took some digging. Check it out and be sure to note the 3 footnotes at the bottom - especially footnote 3 which indicates the devices are not yet approved by the FCC.


Shut Down WebOS Forum?

     I wouldnt have gotten the pre if not for sprints great price for a phone with such great features and now I love it so much id leave sprint to follow the pre 3. It really upsets me that WebOS has gotten such a shunned response when their OS is in my opinion almost perfect. Its interface is beautful, simple, in my opinion easier to use than any tech ive ever gotten my hands on.

     I wish sprint was dropping webos because its so easily tweaked to the point where they have no control over our what we can and cannot do, but sadly i think its just because no one in coorporate has even picked one up. People YOU MUST REALIZE what phone companies are getting away with nowadays, their line of work is completely unregulated and they can charge us whatever they want for access to the web, tethering services, even texts. Sprint has a great policy when it comes to getting great service at a friendly price in todays market. The palm pre is by far the best way to enjoy their network, with as much freedom with the phone as you do with your plan.

     One last note of hope though, I found a few posts that show how us Sprint users can get the pre plus OR Pre 2 on the sprint network, this can be done now, today, and you'll have adobe flash, and all its other perks.


Re: Shut Down WebOS Forum?

i have been with sprint since 99 or so, and i LOVE there pricing, but lately their service has gotten worse and worse, i have 2 freaking air raves for crying out loud! i have been a palm guy since 96 or so, webos is where its at. sprint may be the NOW network, but thats an OLD ad. android will prolly be just an app catalog

my 4 phone lines are going where webos is.

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